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🐎🚽 The Surprising 🔑 to Winning the Kentucky Derby🚽🐎 | POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 46)

Happy May POTTY People! 

Let us begin this week’s blog with some unfinished business… Guess How Many? 

Thank you to all of you that participated and took a guess! 

The correct answer for Guess How Many? Was… 96 POTTYMINTS inside the Easter Bucket

While there was one guess of 97 POTTYMINTS... that was unfortunately OVER the amount, so...

The Winner with the closest guess of 82 was Julie Rockill Ward!  

Congratulations Julie! We will reach out to you personally to get you your prize! 

Now onto this week’s blog… 


In honor of this weekend’s 148th Annual Kentucky Derby Horse Race… Get your hats ready, because we have a fantastic Main Story for you this week! 

For this week’s Main Story, we learn about the often forgotten Race Horse companions… animal friends who give these thoroughbreds a little something extra to become the champions they were born to be.

Ahhhh the Kentucky Derby… the Macy’s Day Parade for Sun Hats

Would you wear that hat to the supermarket? No 

But after a couple mimosas… am I going to make a bet on a sport I know absolutely nothing about

… 100% Yes! 

While trainers and betters typically wait on the sidelines, or in the stands - watching their horses round the track, speaking with the jockeys and getting a feel for the track conditions… 

This week, we learn about the heartwarming and unspoken heroes of this historical event… Barnyard Buddies

You see, Race horses are notoriously high-strung, so a companion to keep them calm helps them perform at their best

So for this week’s Main Story of the Week, let’s take a moment to learn a little more about these animals and the incredible relationships they have formed with these race horses! 

We assure you - there is no better way to start your week, than to watch this video: 

Enough horsing around… lets get into this weeks POTTY Picks! 

Well, if you are a regular reader of POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS you are aware as to our fascination with Conan O'Brien- We simply think he is fantastic! 

No matter the situation, he seems to bring the funny no matter where he goes, which brings us to this weeks Video of the Week! 

Staying with our Kentucky Derby theme, here is Conan calling a Santa Anita Horse Race… with no prior experience!

This week we have 5 fantastic songs to show you! 

For those of you who typically skip over this part, let us give you a couple of reasons to give us a listen… 

You have now heard the song “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles enough times that you hear it in your sleep… 

You have now heard all of the TikTok songs… and refuse to have the same musical taste as a 12 year old High School Student… 

It's time to switch it up… and lucky for you, we are here to help! 

Simply give us a chance and click Play on our POTTY Picks playlist - where we choose 5 songs for the week ahead and add them to an ongoing playlist called “POTTY Picks” 

This week, we feature 5 songs from: 

  • “Out of Time” (KAYTRANADA Remix) -  The Weeknd, KAYTRANADA 
  • “Love That Girl” - Raphael Saadiq
  • “Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)” - Lana Del Rey, RAC 
  • “You Rock My World” - Michael Jackson 
  • “Navajo” - Masego


    We all have experienced the joy that is the “bonus fry”... 

    You know what we are talking about… that moment, where you go to your local McDonalds… 

    Devour… and we mean… eating alone in your car… devour - the french fries 

    … And then, you peak in the bag… just to make sure 

    … And what do you know… at the bottom of the bag… as though it was trying to escape… are 2 and ½ Bonus Fries 

    Life is truly about the little things… 

    So when Rob from Illinois began renovating his bathroom… he was shocked to find… his own version of a “Bonus Fry”

    ... in the form of a 60 Year Old McDonalds meal… fries included, that was within his Bathroom wall

    Rob told Newsweek that he found the “forbidden fries,” as one Reddit user described them when he was renovating his bathroom and kitchen.

    “While removing a fixture in the bathroom I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind plaster and pulled it out to show my wife,” Rob explained.

    “It was balled up, and we could tell there was something else inside. When we unwrapped it and found the old McDonald’s bag and fries we were very surprised and grateful that is all we found hidden.”

    The real question we are all thinking is… did he eat the fries? Would you? 


    Thank you all for joining us for another episode of POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS 

    We really love sharing these fun stories with you, and hope that you share these stories or this blog with someone you think would really enjoy it! 

    As we now enter this new month of May, let’s all commit to trying something new this month! 

    Many times, we dont try new things out of fear of what others might think, or that they may see you mess up trying… which brings us to this week’s quote of the week! 

    This week, our quote comes from the brilliant author of “Infinite Jest” - David Foster Wallace:

    “You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”

    David Foster Wallace

    We hope you make the most of this new month of May, and we will see you next week for another episode of POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS!

    Have a great day!