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Featured Retailer | Hole in the wall

hole in the wall shop

A Hole in the Wall Home and Gifts is a unique gift store located on historic Main Street in downtown Grapevine Texas. Just a few years ago Gina, the owner, was managing an adjoining chocolate shop and walked in the back door of what was a gift store up for sale. She knew she could bring interesting things to Main Street and present them in fun ways. So the store began its journey in 2015. It is very important to her to support other small businesses and entrepreneurs and many of the products in the store like soaps, jewelry, candles and of course Pottymints are great examples of that.

At the first summer market, Gina met the inventor of Potty Mints and knew they were products she should introduce to her customers. Not only do they solve several problems many people can relate to, but they have a great story behind them. Born out of necessity, able to be discreetly used, and much nicer smelling than alternative bathroom fresheners Pottymints have become a checkout counter mainstay at the store. Naturally people comment on them thinking they are maybe some version of a more well known brand, but the Hole in the Wall gang is quick to point out how they are different and why they are better. One of the ways they explain it to people - You don't put a breath mint in your mouth, eat a meal, and expect to have fresh breath - why would you do something similar to get rid of bathroom odors? Almost every customer in the store comments on them and many leave with at least a sample if not whole packs. Hole in the Wall is so glad to have had the opportunity to carry the items and get to know the Pottymints crew too. store like soaps, jewelry, candles and of course Pottymints are great examples of that.

419 S Main St
Grapevine, Texas 76051
(817) 421-8999