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Couples Pooping: How to Do #2 in a New Relationship

You are going to have to trust us when we say… We have heard it all when it comes to the bathroom.

We have heard every pun, every Dad Joke, every Plummer joke…  trust us, we have heard it all!

While we have all read the literature… we often seem to forget that “Everybody Poops.”

However, there seem to be two types of people in this world…

  • Option #1: Those that LOVE talking about what took place in the bathroom
  • Option #2:  those that choose to keep all bathroom related situations private

We here at POTTYMINTS are VERY much the latter, and to be honest, we don’t really understand why people are friends with Option #1.

Who wants to talk about that… like seriously.

(and if you are reading this and realizing that you are that person… yeah… we all hate it, talk about literally anything else…)

The bathroom experience was never meant to be shared, it’s why they literally put an additional door on bathroom stalls…  for privacy.

Well… since you decided to make your bed this morning… you must be expecting the company!

We figured, we would give you our tips on: How to Do #2 in a New Relationship

Why is pooping in a new relationship so taboo?

We will spare you the google search results on this one …

The answer to this question is actually an interesting one…

You see, in life, and now more-so than ever – we love to portray a perfect image of ourselves.

Its why we wear makeup, its why we edit/ photo-shop our pictures, its why we whiten our teeth – we are all striving for perfection in some way!

The interesting part is, when things go awry… when we remind ourselves we are human… 

We deviate from that perfection… and it becomes either taboo or humorous.

The same reason we chuckle when someone trips on the street… Is the same reason why using the bathroom in a relationship can sometimes be uncomfortable… 

These things remind us we are human- imperfect beings. 

NOW… that being said…

We think that the way a potential partner treats using the bathroom is a VERY telling as to the type of person you are considering being in a relationship with.

Let’s go back to our two options from before…

Option 1: You have the partner that not only speaks to you about their bathroom experience in detail… they do so… FROM THE TOILET!

Option 2: When it’s your turn to use the Restroom, there is plenty of toilet paper, its clean, the seat is not wet… and thank god… the seat is down. And MOST Importantly… they treat the bathroom like “Fight Club”… (you don’t talk about it….) 

We don’t know about you… but Option 2 is bathroom GOALS!

How to talk about #2 in a relationship

We think this question is pretty much rhetorical… because we here at POTTYMINTS believe that you should never talk about “#2”… especially in a new relationship.

You have a plethora of life of experiences and memories to share with this person… Why would you voluntarily talk about using the bathroom?!?

Funny enough… I actually created POTTYMINTS after my first vacation with my then boyfriend… now husband!


He kept randomly showing up to our hotel room with Swedish Fish and Snapple for me (code of chivalry still lives) from the lobby gift shop.

After couple days, I basically had a stock pile of candy, but he was still insisting on going to get me more treats.

Trying to be all cute, I was like “no, stay here and watch a movie with me” 

He was like “No, let me just get you some snacks and I’ll be right back…”

I was like “no, I am all good, stay here”

He was like “No… you don’t get it—I need to go to the bathroom!”

The candy immediately made sense… for 5 days, he had been using the Hotel lobby restroom and used the candy as a decoy…

Well played…

A couple of days later—the idea and name for POTTYMINTS was born.                                                                                            

Toilet Etiquette

We believe POTTYMINTS provide our customers with an Elevated bathroom Experience

That’s why we designed POTTYMINTS with Toilet Etiquette in mind. 

We were all raised to say Please and Thank You, not to chew with our mouths open… the same etiquette should apply to the bathroom.

That’s why we here at POTTYMINTS don’t use any crude humor, foul language, or anything that diminishes your bathroom aesthetic on our packaging.

We here at POTTYMINTS believe that the bathroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in any home, and we think POTTYMINTS reflects that in both design, fragrance and functionality.

Unlike the other bathroom sprays that are used “Before You Go”… 

Because POTTYMINTS are used AFTER you FLUSH…

(just like every other bathroom air freshener… aside from “The Before” sprays)

POTTYMINTS continue to work long after you leave the restroom, release a subtle fine fragrance for the next 2-3 Flushes!

Additionally, while some bathroom Sprays smell like they are covering up a crime scene, and often mask the original smell with an even more pungent smell… 

At POTTYMINTS, we prioritize our customers bathroom experience by providing them with only the finest luxury fragrances – working in tandem with the top fragrance houses on hand choosing fragrances that compliment any bathroom.

POTTYMINTS are available in 4 luxury fragrances:

  • Arancia: A sensual scent that combines fresh citrus notes of juicy nectarine and orange blossom with hints of water lily and caramel 
  • La Fleur:  a modern, sophisticated floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood. 
  • Evergreen & Currant: a sweet and tart fragrance with notes of red currant and subtle grapefruit, coupled with lavender, rose, and fir.
  • Teakwood & Tobacco:  A sexy + spicy + smoky fragrance with notes of White Amber, Citron, with Tobacco & Smoked Birch. 

Lastly, and perhaps most appropriately… the best part of POTTYMINTS is that if our product works correctly… No one knows you used the bathroom in the first place!

POTTYMINTS are the most Discreet bathroom Air Freshener on the market… by design!

The following bathroom guest will simply walk into a fantastic smelling bathroom… No bathroom conversation needed.

Simply carry on with your day… and flush your fears!

Because POTTYMINTS are single use, individually wrapped, pocket-sized bathroom air fresheners…

If you are on the go… you walk in with a POTTYMINT and walk out with nothing! (take that bathroom sprays)


So yes, whether or not we want to admit it, we’ve all been (our version of) there… 

As for me, not only did I marry the Swedish Fish buying, hotel lobby disappearing boyfriend…

The rule in our relationship still stands, even 9 years married later—What happens in the bathroom… Stays in the bathroom

…and obviously, use POTTYMINTS!

From that day forward, we at POTTYMINTS kind of think we’re saving relationships, one flush at a time!