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🚽🎉 Our 40th EPISODE🎉🚽 | POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 40)

Good Morning POTTY People! 

We hope you enjoyed the first weekend of March! 

Welcome to our 40th POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS!

If you have been around since episode one, thank you! 

And if this is your first time reading... Welcome!

Let us begin this week’s blog with a question for you…  

Is there anything better than finding something you thought was lost? 

Maybe it’s that $20 bill you found in your jeans pocket… or that missing left Airpod you couldn’t find for weeks… 

No matter what it is, the feeling of finding something you had given up on… is truly one of the best

That is… until we heard this week’s Main Story, courtesy of Becki Beckman of Maryland and her recent discovery of her phone she had lost… 10 years earlier!

It was Halloween night, 2012

Carly Rae Jepson just released the song of the year.. “Call Me Maybe” …“Gangham Style” is king

And Mothers are FLOCKING to movie theaters to watch “50 Shades of Grey” in sexually repressed herds… But we digress

Back to Becki… on Halloween night, she lost her phone

Which was strange considering she had not left her home… 

After searching everywhere, looking in every nook and cranny… but she couldn’t find the phone 

Eventually,  as you do if it’s nowhere to be seen, Becki bought a new one. 

Lets now fast forward to 2022.. 10 years later… 

Becki began to notice, that when she flushed her toilet…they would hear a “banging sound” 

She explained: “Initially we blamed it on the toilet being old or the house construction being terrible.”

But her husband became agitated with the banging, so eventually decided he would “plunge the f–k out of it.”

But after a while of plunging, Becki’s husband was in complete shock at what he found.

He had found the lost iPhone from deep within the toilet’s pipes.

Becki and her husband clearly posted the pictures of the newly-found phone on facebook, and it immediately started making the rounds! 

Becki added: “This was so, so far from what I was expecting.” 

Becki’s post received almost 700 comments, with many people in complete shock at the discovery of the phone.

One person said: “Now how come my glass screen breaks when I even so much as look at it funny but you can literally sh*t on yours for years and it’s perfect?”

Another added: “There’s no way it was stuck in your toilet for 10 years and never caused an issue until it started making a sound.”

A third commented: “How have y’all not had any clogging? My townhouse gets one baby wipe in its pipe and I get all the neighbors sh-t in my laundry room.”

(Thanks to NY POST: Abigail Wilson for the story)

Lets keep this POTTY Party Going with this week’s POTTY Picks! 

There are good comedians… and then there is John Mulaney

Having begun as a writer on Saturday Night Live, creating such characters as “Stefon” and he won an Emmy for his stand up special “Kid Gorgeous”... the guy is seriously funny 

Not only that, but he has now gone on to host SNL… 5 TIMES! 

This past weekend was perhaps his best episode yet, and with each performance he continues to up the bar… especially when it comes to large musical numbers 

This past week’s episode is no exception, we present to you: “Subway Churro” 

This week, we are bringing the 🔥🔥🔥🔥

For those new to the blog, we call this section “POTTY Picks” where we choose 5 songs for the week ahead! 

We try and feature songs that we think you would really love, if you have never given our playlist a listen, we assure you - press play, put it on shuffle and enjoy! 

This week, we feature 5 songs from: 

  • “Beautiful Escape” - Tom Misch and Zak Abel 
  • “Levitating” - Dua Lipa and Da Baby 
  • “New Light” - John Mayer 
  • “Give It To Me Baby” - Rick James
  • “Doo Wop (That thing)” - Lauryn Hill

For those of you that may have missed it, last week was the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards

And while most of the night went according to plan... 

There was one moment that seems to be a recurring theme at awards shows… Untimely Bathroom Trips 

This week’s culprit was none other than Michael Keaton, who won the award for his performance in “Dopesick”

… Unfortunately, they called his name while using the Men’s Restroom

Not to worry, Keaton handled the situation with class, with a little help from Selma Hayek! 


Thank you all for joining us this week for another episode of POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS! 

We know this past week has been difficult with all of the craziness going on in the world, but we hope that this blog serves as a little break from the outside world. 

This week, to honor his bravery, his courage and the will of the Ukrainian people to fight this war to save their country, we feature a quote from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky:

“People don't really believe in words. Or rather, people believe in words only for a stretch of time. Then they start to look for action.”

President Volodymyr Zelensky

We hope and pray for a peaceful week ahead for you all and for the world, and we wish you all an incredible week ahead!