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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: BRITTNEY IS FREE! (Ep. 19)

Good Morning Potty People!

Welcome back to another, dare we say “incredible”, episode of “Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!”

We have a fantastic episode for you this fine Monday morning, and we begin with some big news from last week…


For those of you that may not have already heard, Brittney Spears was in a horrible and legally binding agreement with her father, Jamie, who was both her Father and legal “conservator” for years since her fame as a child pop-star. 

As her conservator, he forced her to perform shows with him reaping the majority of the money… with Brittney having little to no idea of this.

According to Brittney, the arrangement was abusive and said that she doesn't feel like she "can live a full life" with the conservatorship.  

Well, after years of legal battles, with her father and the court system siding with her father… thanks to a strong social media push from her fans… they have officially pressured her father to step down from his conservatorship!

We honestly couldn’t be happier!

First and foremost, anyone that names their daughter the same name as their Father (“Jamie” Spears) is already a complete moron…

Secondly, having grown up a 90’s baby… Brittney is a Goddess among men

Let us not forget all of her contributions to the world…

  • “…Baby One More Time”: She single-handedly brought back school uniforms
  • “Im a Slave for You” : A Timeless VMA Performance… with snakes
  • “Toxic” : Self-explanatory… #iconic

While we can go on… we wanted to take a moment to give this happy story the attention it deserves, we truly wish the best for her and wish her continued success doing what she loves moving forward!

“Oh Baby, Baby…”:  Do we have some great Potty Picks for you! So let’s jump in!

This week, for our Video of the Week, we would like to honor the life of “Trevor Moore” of the sketch comedy group, “The Whitest Kids You Know”

Unfortunately, this past week, Trevor died in a sudden accident at the age of 41, and we figured to honor him we would share one of his videos.

Trevor was a comedy icon, and was extremely influential for future sketch comedy groups like: Good Neighbor, College Humor, and Key and Peele (to name a few).

While there are many hilarious sketches to choose from, we want to share with you one of our favorites, in a sketch he wrote and stars in, entitled “Lincoln”


Wedding season is upon us, which means, if you are attending one this summer… its time to breakout the drunken dance moves 

“The Lawnmower”, “The Shopping Cart” … we can’t stop thinking of the scene from “Hitch” 

No matter if you have the “Moves like Jagger” or are just trying to let loose, here are our 5 Summer Dance Songs for the rest of the Summer!

For those of you that are new to the blog, we have an ongoing playlist where we add 5 songs every week, so if you want to stay up to date with all the picks… “Follow” or “Like” our Spotify Playlist! 

This week we feature music from: The Magician (Feat. Lykke Li), Modjo, Junior Senior, KC & The Sunshine Band, CHIC.  

For this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week, we travel to Chiba Prefecture, Japan where we are introduced to the (self-titled) “World’s Most Spacious Public Toilet”

While Japan is typically known for its incredible Restroom ingenuity, this unique toilet is unlike any we have ever seen.

You see, the Public Restroom is located next to the local Kominato Railway Line, but after a short one-minute walk, you will then lay eyes on the Bathroom, they aptly call “Toilet In Nature”


There, in a glass box… in the middle of a secluded garden… sits your throne… 


Users of the restroom claim that hearing the birds chirping nearby, knowing you are sitting in the middle of nature… performing natures duty… (#punintended)… makes the experience of using this restroom that much more unique!

We want to know: Would you use this restroom?


Thank you for reading this weeks: “Potty Time with POTTYMINTS”!

As always, we are so thankful that you decided to share a part of your week with us! We do not take it for granted, and hope you really enjoy reading this!

As you know, we like to end our blogs with a quote for the week ahead

Hopefully something that can give us all a bit of additional motivation or meaning for the upcoming week!

This week, we figured it would be particularly fitting to end with a quote from where we started, with a quote from pop-star Brittney Spears!


“For me, success is a state of mind. I feel like success isn’t about conquering something; it's about being happy with who you are.”
- Brittney Spears


This week, let's use Brittney as an example to prioritize happiness!

If there is one thing we learned from this past year and a half… it’s the unexpectedness of life

We don’t know how much time we have here, we are merely visitors… so let’s make some memories with people we love or people that make us happy!

We wish you a fantastic week ahead filled with all the happiness this world has to offer you!