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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: Episode 12!

Happy Monday POTTY People! 

Get ready for an amazing week, and an amazing episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! (if we do say so ourselves)

We are not sure if you have seen it, but it appears the general public has come out of their Sweatpants cocoon and emerged into public, only to find that everyone they know appears to be working out vigorously.

Your friend Nancy, who you’ve never once seen in sneakers… Teaching Zumba?

Your cousin Jason, the aspiring professional video game player… Now your Peloton Instructor?

With Summer now in full swing, it looks like everyone you know is training for the Olympic games!

Summer is officially upon us, and while your friends and family may not qualify, after delayed a year… the Summer Olympics are BACK!

Well… kind of…

You see, this year’s Summer Olympic Games are set to begin in Tokyo on July, 23rd, but this year because of the ongoing Covid Pandemic, the Tokyo Organizers have unveiled tough new rules for spectators at the Summer Games.

No Autographs. No Alcohol. No Celebrating, No Cheering.

Attendees are being told to avoid expressing verbal or physical support for their teams, including waving a towel or “any form of cheering that could create a crowd”.

While we wish we were joking… it appears this year, the crowd will have to enjoy all the excitement of Dressage – sober, in an almost coma like state.

Additionally, for the Athletes who typically use the Olympic Village as “the fantasy suite” with other international athletes… they too will have to report back to their rooms and get tested daily.

Not only that, but earlier this month 10,000 Volunteers for the Olympic Games dropped out

With all these mishaps, this is sounding eerily similar to a “Fyre Festival” situation… hopefully, the athletes will enjoy their “3 Michelin Star Cheese Sandwiches”

On your marks… get set… Go! Let’s get into this week’s POTTY Picks!

In honor of his last late-night show from last week, we figured we would take a moment to appreciate the comedic genius that is Conan O’Brien

Whether you are more of a Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert or James Cordon fan… one thing you cannot deny is pure funny and Conan is the epitome of that.

While mostly known for his interview with the stars, Conan really gained notoriety by visiting places with a camera crew, and allowing him to be naturally funny.

In this video Conan visits The American Girl Store in New York City, and as you might imagine… hilarity ensues.


Have you ever tried dancing through your typical morning? Put your headphones, get the coffee ready, and start grooving to this week’s Potty Picks!

We have been loving the response from you guys on this playlist, and as always, the best way to stay up to date on all POTTY Picks is to “follow” our playlist so you can access it at anytime!

This week, we feature music from: Lykke Li and The Magician, NEIKED and Oliver NelsonRÜFÜS DU SOL, Fleetwood Mac, The Temptations and FKJ!


This week, for the Bathroom Moment of the Week, we bring you to the Most Magical Place on Earth… DisneyWorld!

You see, Disney World is all about efficiency, and that includes one of their most popular attractions… the Bathroom!

While there are no animatronic characters, no real storyline or catchy songs… the Disney World Bathrooms need to function like anyone of their busy rides – allowing everyone access by keeping the line moving.

Disney decided that the best way to do that is to remove the Mirrors above the sink…

By not having sink mirrors, Guests spend less time near the sinks, which are also near the stalls, and allows for Guests to be in and out and alleviate crowds.

…Not so much Disney Magic, but Wallah! The Bathroom lines will flow like… well… you get it!

We think looking at yourself, a grown adult, wearing a fictional Mouse’s Ears, you paid $35 for to fit in amongst people you’ll never see again, is a sad sight to begin with… so maybe the lack of mirrors is a good thing.


Thank you once again for reading this week’s Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!

For those of you that are new here, we have a new blog with new stories and POTTY Picks every Monday!

And for you regular readers – really thank you so much for sticking with us, we think we are finally getting the hang of this whole blogging thing!

As you know, we like to end our blogs with a quote from someone we think is worthy of your attention.

We hope that the quote inspires you in some way, or perhaps makes you look at this upcoming week in new light.

In honor of the UEFA Soccer Tournament, this week’s quote comes from one of the greatest soccer players to ever live – Lionel Messi.


“I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”
– Lionel Messi


We hope each of you has a fantastic week ahead, filled with happiness, health and most importantly love!

Sending love to you all this week, and see you next week on Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!