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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS Episode 6

And we’re baaaaack!!!

Welcome back for Episode #6 of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!!!

This week we begin with a pretty interesting story we are calling… “On Your Marks… Get Set… NOOO!”

It all begins on May 1st

May 1st was not only the beginning of a new month, it also happened to be the same day as the Kentucky Derby!

Break out the extravagant Hats, Pour the champagne… and try your best to pretend you have even a clue as why you put a large amount of money on a sport you know literally nothing about

After an exciting race the winner “Medina Spirit” was crowned the winner!

To many watching, this win was no surprise as Medina Spirit was trained by Bob Baffert – the most famous and successful Horse Trainer in history.   

Before we continue with the story, a brief aside… What does a Horse Trainer actually do?

“Go!” or yelling “Run Faster!”… What’s the point? It’s a Horse… they don’t understand you

Now that I think about it…I’ve never seen a Horse at the gym on the elliptical machine… or in any of my Soul Cycle Classes…Something to think about… anyway, back to the story. 

After the Race, Medina Spirit was drug tested, as were all of the Horses competing, per the rules of the event… and… Yes… Medina Spirit tested positive for the steroid betamethasone

As you might expect, Medina Spirit was disqualified from the Derby and “Mandaloun”, the 2nd place finisher, would be named the winner. But wait… there’s more!

Not only is trainer Bob Baffert’s legendary career in jeopardy…

But there are now ongoing issues with anyone who placed a bet on the Kentucky Derby and won with Medina Spirit 

…including two men who are suing Baffert in a civil suit after having bet heavily on “Mandaloun” and lost to the “Mark McGuire” of Horses… Medina Spirit.

We start this blog with this story to teach you a lesson … If you are Betting on Horses Racing for Fun… you may want to find another passion… perhaps something more …“Stable”

Enough “Stalling”… it’s time for the “Mane” Event… lets check out this weeks POTTY Picks for the Week!


Mondays can be difficult… so this week we figured we would start with something that we think everyone enjoys… Paul Rudd.

Fun fact: Did you know that Paul Rudd worked as a Event Dj and actually performed at many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and even some weddings!

Another surprising fact… Paul Rudd has got some serious dance moves! 

 This video is just pure silly, and to be honest… we cannot get enough!

We don’t know about you, but our musical taste changes with the weather…

So you know what that means… as far as we are concerned… Summer Starts Now!

This week, as the weather heats up… so too does the dance floor – because this week we bring you some groovy tunes from: Phoenix, Pompaloose, Hayden James, SG Lewis (Feat. Clairo) and John Legend!  

Feel free to Follow our playlist, Share it with friends, or even play it at your BBQ party… it’s a great soundtrack to any activity!


This Week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week goes to Flat Face Animation who created a short, but incredibly well done, animated short movie about Toilet Paper.

We LOVE toilet paper here at POTTYMINTS!  

The only problem we have with buying it is that stores make you buy a 24 Pack or more…which never fits into the bag they give you…

So now you have to parade around your toilet paper… showing your neighbors that you prefer “Charmin Ultra Strong” toilet paper… 

And with a 30 Mega Roll pack … you look like you require a medical emergency amount of supply on hand… just in case

Wherever you decide to use the TP…Make sure to use a POTTYMINT…


As you know, we like to end all of our blogs with a quote that hopefully inspires you, motivates you or provides meaning to you in some way. 

This week’s quote comes from one of the greatest performers of all time – Robin Williams:


“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind.”
Robin Williams

As we all come out of this Covid pandemic, let’s remember that the toll of the pandemic far outreaches the mask mandate. 

The mental toll this pandemic has had on some people will not be easy to heal… but I truly believe that little random acts of kindness are the only way we truly begin to get back to normal and start trusting in humanity again.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!

All we ask of you this week is to do something kind for someone else… and if you are looking for a good place to start:

If you would be so kind…

1) Share this Blog with a friend and

2) Like and Follow POTTYMINTS on Facebook and Instagram!

3) Have a great week!