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POTTYMINTS: 5 Reasons To Gift POTTYMINTS? 🎁🚽💐🎄🎅

Hi POTTY People! 

How was your Thanksgiving Weekend? Ours was great, thanks for asking!

As soon as the last piece of Thanksgiving Apple pie was finally eaten…

Your phone began to light up like the Rockefeller Christmas Tree… with Black Friday/Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday Email notifications!

It seems as though every small business and their mothers were competing on an American Ninja Warrior course of obstacles to try and get you to open their email, or better yet, purchase from them.

That being said, there are some of you that are reading this blog post as we speak that didn’t open up any of our POTTYMINTS Holiday Emails

There are also a handful of you reading this that also have asked yourself… “Why would someone gift POTTYMINTS to someone else?”

Trust us… when we first came up with POTTYMINTS we did intend of them being selected by People Magazine as a “Top Stocking Stuffer”…

We didn’t expect them to be featured as a “Top Adult Stocking Stuffers”  by Gift Magazine

Nor did we expect Kathie Lee and Hoda to feature POTTYMINTS alongside the Amazon Echo as great gifts before the Holiday Season…

That being said, we figured we would use todays Blog to give you 5 Reasons to buy POTTYMINTS as a Gift, this Holiday Season!



Working from Home just got easier…

Let’s be completely honest with each other… while the idea of having your husband work from home and help with the kids sounds like an ideal situation…

The reality is… it just means more time with a family member using the bathroom. 

Bathroom Breaks during working hours at the office (Pre-Pandemic Life) used to be like small vacations 

Feel free to peruse the internet, go on Tik Tok or Instagram and of course make some changes to your fantasy football team lineup…

As long as the stall door is closed in front of you… this is your “me” time. 

These days… Co-Working Spaces are a Type 2 Felony, which has resulted in people working from home. 

Needless to say… 3 cups of Coffee Later… you and your family are tired of “Daddy’s Bathroom time” and the subsequent smell that has become synonymous with it.

Buying Dad a box of POTTYMINTS for Christmas reminds him in the kindest way imaginable, that he should use them… and although he may be hesitant at first… if the POTTYMINTS work as advertised (which we guarantee they will) – he will be a customer for life!

He gets rid of his bathroom embarrassment, and you get him a gift… and get the gift of a Fresh Smelling Bathroom!

It’s truly a Christmas Miracle… with POTTYMINTS!



Gag Gifts STINK… Freshen it up with POTTYMINTS

Let’s be completely honest once again… we expect nothing less from you

A “Gag-Gift” is simply eventual Garbage 

You know when a friend comes over to your home, and while perusing your desk, they notice a mug for “World’s Best Nephew” filled with dry pens from Middle School… yeah, that’s the one!

When people don’t know what to get you, they instead buy you something that serves no purpose or value in your life… because once you unwrap the gift… legally that gift is yours for life.

Think of the gift wrap as a legally binding contract – you know that once the veil of mystery is gone… its yours regardless if you like it or not. 

Gag Gifts are worse than not receiving anything to be completely honest… because with a bad Gag Gift comes the responsibility of holding onto it and caring for it… just in case that person comes over to see it. 

Rather than buy a Gag Gift, buy them POTTYMINTS… the only Gag Gift that keeps on giving!

Our Travel 6 Pack ($5.00 Per) is inexpensive, comes with 6 POTTYMINTS, and smells incredible!

The curiosity alone of receiving a POTTYMINT, is enough to get them to try it… and the smell of the POTTYMINTS themselves will make them think twice about how great a gift they just received!

A card costs $4.00, and doesn’t come with anything else… a POTTYMINTS Box is $5.00 and comes with 6 POTTYMINTS, and the ability to share a bathroom with your husband once again! 


Support a Small Business… with a Fantastic Product!

This one is a little more serious than the other points in the blog…

These days, with Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, and other BIG retailers selling gifts for the Holidays – it is important to keep in mind that your business means a whole lot this Holiday Season… more so than in years past. 

Small Businesses are what makes America the incredible country it is!

From your Local Restaurants, to your towns Children’s Store, to even your family owned Pharmacy… Small Businesses have always been there for the community.

This year, the community needs to be there for Small Businesses.

This year has been tough on everyone, and while we cannot tell you how to spend your money, or how to think – but we can say that we have seen first-hand the power of community, and the power of collective kindness.

While we here at POTTYMINTS are truly incredibly proud to be one of the Small Businesses based in New Jersey, there are local small businesses all across this fantastic country of ours! 

We work with many of them, and we owe a great deal of our success to those Small Businesses that took a chance on a brother sister duo with a Toilet Mint company. 

We are forever grateful for all the Small Businesses out there, and hope you and your family take the time to visit and support the Small Businesses in your neighborhood… it would mean the world.



White Elephant Gifts… Just got Easier!

After years of working at an outdoor Christmas Holiday Market in New York City, one thing became very clear… People love gifting POTTYMINTS as a White Elephant Gift!

For those of you that have never heard of “White Elephant Gifts”, to be completely honest, we hadn’t either before people told us what a great gift it was!

A “White Elephant Gift” is a gift (typically $10.00 and under) that is meant more to entertain the group rather than to give them something of supreme value or worth. 

… Lucky for you, with POTTYMINTS – you can accomplish both at the same time!

While working the Outdoor Christmas Market in Columbus Circle in Manhattan… we could not keep our Limited-Edition Boxes in stock with how many people were buying it for the Holiday Season!

People love gifting them, and even more so… people LOVE receiving them too!

The number of customers that were gifted POTTYMINTS as a gift, only for them to soon become lifelong users is astonishing! We couldn’t be more honored! 

Whether for funsies… or for White Elephant Gifts POTTYMINTS are a fantastic way to give them the gift they never knew they needed this Holiday Season!



What are you waiting for? Why Not?

Before we get to our final point…

Let’s review the points we have already made to see  Why you should Gift POTTYMINTS…


1.  Working from home just got easier…

  • The Working From Home Office Happy Hour… just got a little happier!

2. Gag Gifts aren’t fun… and end up in the Garbage

  • Get them something they will actually use… and not keep as a burden for years to come.

3. Support a Small Business

  • More so than what you buy – this year, focus on where you buy! Spend the extra time to see if your Local Small Business carries the products you want, and try to support them instead!

 4. White Elephant Gifts

  • Address the White Elephant in the Bathroom… with a fantastic White Elephant Gift!

 5. What are you Waiting For?

POTTY People…

There comes a moment every Holiday Season where someone buys a gift on a whim, or as a joke, that then ends up becoming one of your favorite items for the year… 

This year… the word is out… POTTYMINTS is that gift.

Not only does your business with us mean more this year than years past…

Not only does supporting a Small Family Owned Business help you feel better about your purchase…

And finally, not only does your choice to buy POTTYMINTS for friends and family reflect the type of generous, thoughtful and caring person that you are…

BUT YOU ALSO GET THE GIFT OF BATHROOM FRESHNESS… And when you really think about it, isn’t that what Christmas and the Holiday Season are all about! 

This Christmas… Spread Christmas Cheer… and not Bathroom Odors. 


If you havent already been to POTTYMINTS.Com now is the time to do it!

Today is Cyber Monday, which can only mean one thing… deals and deals and deals galore!

We are so incredibly thankful to you all for your business and support to this point – if you feel so inclined… share the love of POTTYMINTS with a friend, family member or someone who can just use it! 

It would mean a lot to us, and im sure it would also mean a lot to those people that share a bathroom with that person. 

See you next week on the POTTYMINTS Blog!