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POTTYMINTS: Top 10 Songs for RockTober

Good Morning POTTY People! 

Well, we made it to October!  

Time to grab the cotton cobwebs, any gourd that has been laying around the house, and of course… time to break out the flannel sweater.

People used to see the 31 Nights of Halloween Movies and think: 31 Halloween Movies, in 31 nights… yeah I’ll pass. 

This year, given the pandemic, any opportunity to binge watch a movie or television show series is a challenge you are determined to accomplish.

It’s the 2020 equivalent of beginning to train for a marathon run.

You may even stretch before you begin Episode 1… and bring energy drinks and snacks for those mid-show lulls.

Over these past couple of months… some people have picked up a new hobby, a new skill, or for some, they have given themselves the time to pursue the one that got away… Guitar.

Yes, some of you reading this very blog have been a “captive” audience for your husband or kids aspiring music career.

They play all the big venues: the Bedroom, The Porch and who can forget their sold out show in the Living Room.

If you hated “Smoke on the Water” before the pandemic… we can only imagine your pain. 

You may even be ready to smash your entire head through the nearest “Wonderwall” … Talk about a head banger

So, to celebrate the new month of October… we decided to put the Fall Décor to the side for now, and give you our Top 10 songs for Rocktober!

“For those about to Rock, we salute you” – Chris Rock



“Blue Sky” – The Allman Brothers


The Allman Brothers kick off our list… because… lets be honest… it’s a great way to start!

Get your week off to a great start with this upbeat classic!

Fun fact: both Gregg and Duane Allman are left-handed but had to learn to play guitar with their right hands!



“Miss You” – The Rolling Stones

Warning: This song will be stuck in your head all week!

The Rolling Stones are one of the seminal Rock bands of all time, and leaving them off a Rocktober list is a felony in many states.

“Miss You” is the definition of an “Ear Worm” a song that will no doubt, get lodged inside your head for days to come..

We apologize… and you’re welcome


“Louie Louie” – The Kingsmen

“Louie Louie” is a staple of Rock Music 

Plain and simple… this song just rocks!

While its music has become iconic, the song’s lyrcs are nearly unintelligible (and innocuous) lyrics were widely misinterpreted, and the song was banned by radio stations as well as being investigated by the FBI.


“The Breeze” – Dr. Dog

Over the course of Quarentine, I have had the time to listen to and review some fantastic albums, both old and new, and through this process, I have found some new gems amongst them!

Dr. Dog is one of those gems of music!

If you haven’t heard of them before, use this song as a great jumping off point and let your shuffle go wild! They are an incredible band, and they have been my personal soundtrack to the world that is 2020!  


“Our House” – Crosby Stills Nash & Young 

While any Crosby Stills Nash & Young song could have made the list, we decided out of fairness to the other people featured on the list, to not put too many CSNY tunes on our list. 

One of the best rock bands of all time, provides a song that has never been more aptly timed to get the appreciation it deserves. 

The song is about the joys of being together, under the same roof, with your family and pets… it doesn’t get more 2020 than that!



“Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac

After her recent Tik Tok Fame… Stevie Nicks appears to be getting the attention she deserves… hahah!

After recently going Viral online for this video featuring their song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

The founder of the group Mick Fleetwood, hopped on his skateboard and took it out for a spin!

How ever this song gets the recognition it deserves… I will take in 2020!

This song is a timeless classic! Grab a Cranberry Juice and get skating!



“Get Back” – The Beatles

Not sure if you know of this little up and coming group from England… they go by the name “The Beatles”.

You may want to give them a follow-on Facebook…

There is no musical list, of any sort… that doesn’t include one Beatles song… and its for good measure. They are the greatest band of all time.

While they don’t need our musical praise, a fun fact:

John Lennon and Paul McCartney have more collective song credits than any composers in history… beating out Mozart, Bach and any other composers or songwriters that ever lived.

… let that sink in. Impressive.



“Breakdown” – Tom Petty

There has inevitably come a point during this pandemic when you or a family member begins to have some sort of a breakdown.

Trust us, we all have been there at some point these past couple of months.

As Tom Petty says in the song – “It’s Alright…” 

Of course, the passing of Tom Petty was sudden, but he left a fantastic catalog of music behind for generations to come.

This song is not only a great song to listen to, but if it can help you in anyway during these tough times… we think its well worth the listen!


“Domino” – Van Morrison

 Say what you will about Van Morrison…

… But back when you could understand what he was saying… the guy rocked!

These days, he seems to be showing symptoms of a small stroke… but as I said… the guy rocked!

Domino is a great example of this! The horn section alone will have you moving!

Van Morrison’s album “Astral Weeks” is another great choice for this time of year! 


“Rosalita” – Bruce Springsteen 

What I wouldn’t give to have gorgeous women, throwing themselves at me, trying to kiss me…

Bruce Springsteen turned that into a career… and to be honest… who can blame these ladies.

As a newfound New Jersey-er… I completely get it

Bruce Springsteen can sing, he can dance, he can play the guitar, he can make you feel emotions… 

Plus, seeing him live is a religious experience.

There are many singers out there… but there is only one “Boss”



We get it… this October may be a little different than usual

You may not get to go see any of your favorite bands in concert…

You may not get to stand right behind that very tall man who doesn’t move the back of his head out of line of the stage…

But you can use this list of songs to inspire who you might go and see when the pandemic is over! 

We miss Concerts and Music too… and we cannot wait for them to come back!

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Blog, and will be back next week for another post!

Have a fantastic week and speak to you then!