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World Environmental Day - A Message From Suzanna (Founder of POTTYMINTS)

Since I was very young, I have always considered myself to be, what my Dad refers to as an “Eco-Ranger”

I have always had a passion for the environment and more specifically a long-standing love of animals.

 When I was growing up, I worked for free at a local pet store in our neighborhood.

After giving a presentation at my elementary school, I was asked to teach a lesson at the Museum of Natural History to students on "Pollution's Affects on Frogs"… I was 10.

My absolute favorite book growing up was an encyclopedia of dog breeds, and still to this day, I can identify most dog breeds… 

Who would have guessed that years later, I would later go from “Shitsu’s” to Sh*t’s!


When I created the first prototype of POTTYMINTS, the first people I began testing it with was my immediate family…

And while they were initially hesitant… (who can blame them!) I assured them that the product was safe to use, and more importantly, safe for the environment.

We wanted to use today, World Environmental Day to answer the most commonly asked questions about POTTYMINTS safety on the environment. 

Rest assured, POTTYMINTS are completely Non-Toxic, Septic Safe, Safe for Animals and Safe for the Environment!



Let me begin by making this abundantly clear… POTTYMINTS are Completely Non-Toxic!

POTTYMINTS do not clean the bowl, and thus have no harsh cleaning chemicals in them.

Additionally, a common question we get asked is, “What are POTTYMINTS are made of?”

While we won’t go into every last detail of our “secret sauce” … POTTYMINTS use a mix of Essential and Non-Essential Oils to give us our beautiful signature fragrances. We only use enough fragrance to make your bathroom smell great… and nothing more to effect any animals.

For those scientists reading, our Eco-Toxicity level has been repeatedly tested showing no effect on biological, chemical or physical stressors to ecosystems.

To those of you, who much like my brother, struggled in Science class…

If you dumped every POTTYMINT we ever sold into the ocean all of the fish and the surrounding ecosystem would be absolutely fine!

(If any of you reading would like to see any of our Safety Data Sheets, we would be more than happy to send them to you)

Septic Safe

As mentioned above, because POTTYMINTS don’t use any cleaning chemicals, POTTYMINTS are completely safe for any Septic System, whether on land, or on a boat!

Perhaps one of the best examples of this is using POTTYMINTS on Cruise ships… which we all know, are an absolutely NECESSITY when sharing tight quarters…

POTTYMINTS are activated by the water in the bowl, and will dissolve clearly, leaving no trace and no damage to any plumbing regardless of the septic system!

Because POTTYMINTS are not a liquid of concentrated essential oil, they do not create any buildups that have plagued some of the other bathroom spray companies…

Safe for Animals

As you may have guessed by now, we are dog people here at POTTYMINTS!

That’s not to say we do not love and respect all of our feline friends, in fact our business partner Matt (yes, there are two Matthew’s here at POTTYMINTS) has a cat named “Fitz” that weighs in at 12 lb’s… yes, you read that right…12 pounds.

Lucky for both Dog and Cat owners alike, POTTYMINTS are completely safe for any four-legged creature that decides to drink from the toilet bowl.

(Some of our customers have even said that it makes their pet’s licks smell great!) 


Finally, as a proudly owned Family Business, we take pride in ensuring that our product reflects the ideals we have always believed in. That includes a commitment that our product is both safe for our Customers, the environment and any Pets or animals.

We want to wish you all a Happy World Environmental Day, and hope that you take a moment today to help make the world a slightly better place, after all… it’s the only place we got!

Suzanna Grobman

CEO and Founder/Creator of POTTYMINTS