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“…we love this indie brand for its smart, and hilarious solution to a common problem. The hero product”

"Prettily packaged Pottymints slide nicely into your purse and even look cute displayed in the bathroom for your more pungent houseguests"

KLG, Hoda's Favorite Things: Amazon Echo, Potty Mints

Hoda chooses the Amazon Echo, which plays Kathie Lee’s music wirelessly, while KLG opts for Potty Mints, which help freshen the air in the bathroom.

“a must-have for travelers and on-the-go types.”

"Goodbye Sprays & Candles: Pottymints Will Fix Your Bathroom Funk"

“’Cool Guy Stuff’… [like] POTTYMINTS which keeps your toilet smelling fresh”

“…a practical unisex accessory”

Why You Should Care About Independent Beauty

"these tablets save you from uncomfortable bathroom faux-pas. They’re sure to be an essential in your carry-on bag or purse."

The Smell of Clean in 2017

"This dissolvable air freshener tablet, designed to be dropped into a toilet bowl after flushing, comes in Arancia di Capri—"described as “a sensual scent”