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⛈⚡️🚽 Toilet Struck By Lightning🚽⚡️⛈ | POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 47)

GOOOOOD Morning POTTY People! 

Let us begin this week’s blog with a shout out to all of the Mothers out there! 

A written “Standing Ovation” is about the best we can do as a blog… but trust us when we say… you deserve all the praise in the world

We hope you and your families had a fantastic weekend celebrating your greatness! 

Now, onto the blog!


We here at POTTYMINTS love Art! 

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Guggenheim to the many galleries in NYC, we are lucky enough to have grown up in a place that embraces the art community! 

While we understand that most Art is subjective… we will admit, there is some art that we question… 

Which brings us back to a recurring theme on our blog… Toilet Art 

We have spoken in the past about the 18-Karat Solid Gold Toilet named “America” by artist Maurizio Cattelan 

But it is not alone…  perhaps you are familiar with “Fountain”, a sculpture by Marcel Duchamp in 1917, consisting of a porcelain urinal signed "R. Mutt".


For this week’s Main Story, we go to Potsdam, New York where we visit Frederick J. “Hank” Robar Sr., and his most recent addition into the Toilet Art world, an art display, he calls: “Potty Town”

Frederick J. “Hank” Robar Sr. is 76 and has lived in Potsdam for some time, and has become a local celebrity for his front yard “Potty Town” -  which displays toilets with flowers coming out from them! 

These toilets are clearly non-functional, and would otherwise go to a landfill or the local dump (#punintended)... 

So Mr. Robar decided to turn these relics of Past Bathroom Visits into modern works of art! 

Unfortunately for Mr. Robar… his art is not widely accepted by his community and many have asked him to remove the art display. 

In a 2008 interview with the Times, Mr. Robar said “there ain’t nothing wrong with toilets.”

“People use them every day, don’t they?” he said.

Whether the gardens are celebrated as art or viewed as empty johns, “Potty Town” is not written to change anyone’s mind.

Mr. Robar said he has become a sort of florist, adjusting his porcelain planters every spring and watching them hibernate, fixed in snow, every winter.

Clearly, people love to talk about the debate that is toilet art… so much so they are making a documentary about this story called “Potty Town: Where Protest Meets Porcelain” 

“Won’t you take me to… POTTY TOWN!”... Let’s get into this weeks Potty Picks! 

In honor of this past weekend’s holiday of Mothers Day, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you, one of our favorite SNL Sketches of all time. 

I mean: Jason Sudeikis + Zac Efron + Andy Samberg + Fred Armisen = COMEDY GOLD! 

This sketch is absolutely perfect, and it deserves your attention this week! 

For this week’s Video of the Week, we present to you “I Am Your Mother” 

Get your dancing shoes ready, because we have some groovy tunes for you this week! 

We dont know about you, but warm weather seriously makes us want to dance! 

We put together 5 songs this week that we have been grooving to, that we think you are really going to love! 

This week we feature music from: 

  •  “BED” - Joel Curry, RAYE, David Guetta
  • “Aura” - SG Lewis, J Warner 
  • “Somebody to Love” - Ben Kim 
  • “Your Love” - Tom Misch, Alexa Harley 
  • “Move Your Feet” - Junior Senior 

    We have all been there, thinking to ourselves that we are in an undeniable pit of bad luck… 

    Your grocery bag broke… You stepped on gum… Or perhaps, you are just thinking about it this string of bad luck the wrong way… 

    We assure you, perspective is key - which brings us to this week’s absolutely INSANE Bathroom Moment of the Week

    You see there were some storms that hit the town of Okmulgee, Oklahoma this past week - with pretty crazy lightning and thunder! 

    But the local Okmulgee fire department say they had a bizarre lightning strike call at the Oxford Apartments overnight. 

    They say the lightning came through the vent in the roof and struck the toilet, shattering it.

    Now thank God, Nobody lives in that unit, but luckily for whoever was about to move in… it was supposed to be rented out that morning. 

    Trust me, we have seen a lot as it relates to toilets… but this… this is a first. 


    Thank you all for reading this week’s POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS! 

    We wanted to end this weeks blog by speaking for a quick moment about Mother’s

    In light of last week’s (potential) Supreme Court Decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade - we feel compelled to say something. 

    I have been lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by inspirational, powerful, graceful and strong Women. 

    I have the best Mom in the world, I have the honor of being a brother to two incredible sisters (One older and one younger) and have been lucky enough to spend time with and learn from my Grandmothers… and my Great Grandmother! 

    To be completely honest, America has often thought that someone in power needs to be the “Father Figure” to America - but I would argue, that what America really needs is a good Mom! 

    No matter what political affiliation or beliefs you have… I hate to break it to you, we all came from a Woman  

    We were all taught valuable lessons - empathy, compassion, love and the ability to be loved. 

    The strange thing is, as we have gotten older - we have forgotten these lessons. 

    It sometimes takes a Mothers love, to remind you of these values and lessons, and I think America is in desperate need of some motherly love, and we think this week’s quote speaks to exactly that. 


    "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother."


    Mothers are what makes America Great - Why do you think The Statue of Liberty is a woman!

    If you have given birth to a child, you are more than welcome to add your voice into the mix... Men have no place in this debate... NONE! 

    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and ANY man that tells you otherwise… Needs a hug and good talk with their Mom. 

    Have a great week!