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Top asked questions in regards to Potty Mints products.

Q: What is a POTTYMINT?

A: POTTYMINTS are the first Post-Flush Air Freshener Tablets for the Bathroom!


A: 1) After the FLUSH is complete 2) DROP the POTTYMINT into the new clean water (bowl, not the tank) 3) Enjoy lasting FRESH fragrance!

Q: How many flushes will POTTYMINTS last for?

A:Pottymints last approx. 2-3 flushes— you can even drop one in before your guests come over!

Q: Why AFTER you Flush?

A: Let’s be honest… when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. We have found most people don’t want to remember to do anything before they go… Unlike some Sprays, POTTYMINTS are used After you flush the “bad” away, so that POTTYMINTS can continue to work for the next 2-3 flushes!

Q: Are POTTYMINTS available in different fragrances?

A: POTTYMINTS are available in Three fragrances: 1. “Arancia” (Black Packaging)- Orange Blossom and Water Lilly 2. “La Fleur” (White Packaging)- Jasmine and Honeysuckle. 3. Evergreen & Currant (Red Packaging)- Red Currant, Lavender, and Fir.


A: POTTYMINTS are completely Non-Toxic, because they don’t clean your toilet, they just make your bathroom smell great!

Q: Are POTTYMINTS Septic Safe?

A: POTTYMINTS are completely Septic Safe, and work with any plumbing system including Boats, RV’s, or any Camper toilet that works with water!

Q: What happens if my Dog or Cat drinks from the bowl?

A: Because POTTYMINTS are completely Non-Toxic, they don’t have any cleaning chemicals in them - so your dog or cat will be absolutely fine if they drink from the bowl!

Q: Will POTTYMINTS stain my toilet?

A: POTTYMINTS dissolve clearly, leaving no stain behind… just a great smelling bathroom!

Q: Are Pottymints made in the USA?

A: Yes! POTTYMINTS are proudly made in the USA!

Q: Are POTTYMINTS Safe to Travel With?

A: Because POTTYMINTS are tablets with no liquid fragrance in them... POTTYMINTS can stay in your carry-on bag! (Sorry liquid bathroom sprays...)