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5 Crazy (But Absolutely True) Life Hacks

Happy Friday Everyone!

The weekend is upon us, so time to change out of your Weekday Work sweatpants… and into your informal Weekend Sweatpants!

Ahhhh… much better!

If you have some free time this weekend, we figured we would reach out with some slightly crazy, but absolutely true, life hacks for you to try out this weekend!

While these 5 tips may sound far-fetched… we assure you – they work! 

#5: The Vinegar Sink Trick

Use Vinegar in a plastic bag, and secure it with a rubber band around your faucet… give it a little shake or let it sit for a couple of minutes

… and Tadah! Your Water will flow like the first day you installed it!

#4: The Frozen Onion

If you are anything like us, chopping an onion is like watching the Pixar movie “Up”… before you know it, you are balling your eyes out. No longer! Try “The Frozen Onion Trick”

Before chopping an onion, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, which slows down the process of turning the juices into a gas… giving you a chance to chop it without tearing up!

#3: Coffee Drano

We’ve all been there… your shower drain looks like it has begun to wear a toupé, and your drain seems to have given up on trying- causing your showers to become foot Baths.

Take some coffee ground, mix them with some dish soap, and boiled water… and enjoy an unclogged drain!

#2: Pesky Weeds Be Gone!

Now that spring is here, along with the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms that have begun to bloom, so too do those pesky weeds that make your driveway look like the Wimbledon Grass Tennis Court.

Try this simple trick, take some boiling water, and add a table spoon of salt, and watch the weeds die without using any dangerous chemicals!

#1: When Life Gives You Lemons…Get Stains Out!

This is one life hack we can all use, because lets be honest… we have all spilled something on our favorite dress! (Grrr…Why does it always have to be on your favorite dress!)

Have No fear! POTTYMINTS Life Hacks are here!

Just combine lemon juice and salt, apply to your stain, and let sit for half an hour. Rinse some vinegar with warm water and wash per usual… and Wallah! Your Stain is gone!


Are there any Life Hacks you swear by that we should know about? We would love to hear them!

Feel free to email them to us, or write to us Facebook or Instagram with your tricks!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you all have a fantastic weekend!