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🚽🛳The 💩 That Sunk a Warship🛳🚽 | Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 51)

GOOOOOOD Morning POTTY People! 

Welcome to a fresh week, a new start… think of Mondays as mini new years! 

Just think what will you accomplish this week… but before that… coffee! 

We want to take a quick moment to appreciate your local barista… the only person (aside from immediate family) you let speak to before they have had their coffee 

For whatever reason, when we wake up, we become demons… we wake up with demon hair that won’t move or be adjusted, we have an unidentified crust in our eyes from slumber and who can forget the  “morning breath”... 

Do I want a “morning kiss”? Not that badly… your breath smells like you slept with a hard boiled egg rested in your mouth 

But for this week’s Main Story, we discuss the most widely used psychoactive drug on Earth - Coffee.

Yes, you read that right - while this is not your typical Greatful Dead Show type of psychoactive we are talking about Coffee and its counterpart - caffeine 

Did you know that, 90% of the world's adults consume some form of caffeine everyday? 

We have all experienced, at one point or another, the experience of being “wired” on caffeine - making us jitter with energy. This is caffeine at work. 

While we have made Coffee a integral part of life in our modern world, it has not always been that 

This week, we wanted to share with you the fascinating history of coffee, and how we ended up with the Coffee obsessed world we now live in. 

Trust us… you will never look at coffee the same again! 

Now that we’re all caffeinated… let’s get into this weeks POTTY Picks! 

We figured, since we just ruined the best part of your day…according to Folgers 

… We would make it up to you with a funny video about coffee 

When it comes to Coffee Drinkers, there are different types of people: 

There is the “Black Coffee” person - that low key, thinks they are better than us “milk drinkers” 

There is the “Dunkin” coffee person - that thinks they are staying humble by drinking a gallon and a half of Iced Coffee out of a “Big Gulp” 

There is the “Morning Person” who doesn't drink coffee at all… and yet has permanent Red Bull energy

And then there is the “Coffee Snob” - the person that takes Coffee WAY too seriously 

This weeks Video of the Week is dedicated to them, please enjoy another Trey Kenenedy classic, entitled: “Coffee Addicts be like…” 

This week, we are coming with that 🔥🔥🔥🔥

You may want to notify your local fire department before pressing play on this week’s POTTY Picks! 

We assure you - put this playlist on shuffle and enjoy! 

This week, we feature 5 Summer Classics for you - with music from: 

  • “Intimidated (Feat. H.E.R.) - KAYTRANADA, H.E.R. 
  • “Adventure of a Lifetime” - Coldplay 
  • “Crazy” - Gnarles Barkley 
  • “Dancing Queen” - ABBA 
  • “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” - Michael Jackson 


    Get ready… this is a good one 

    German Captain Karl-Adolf Schlitt dropped his pants to unburden himself on a U-boat during World War II.

    While the boat boasted the latest in septic handling, releasing waste directly into the sea instead of storing it onboard the vessel - after Schlitt finished his business, he realized he didn’t know how to operate the flushing mechanism. 

    This was not unusual. Because the plumbing system was new, crew members had to be specially trained on how to operate it. Schlitt either didn’t attend the training or became confused as to what the procedure involved.

    He called for assistance and greeted an engineer. Now both men were trying to unwind the logistics of disposing of Schlitt’s…  “Schlitt” 

    The engineer turned the wrong valve…  and immediately, the bathroom began filling up with both seawater and feces. 

    As disgusting as the plumbing issue was, the real problem lay in the ship’s configuration. The bathroom was located just above the sub’s battery compartment. 

    When the mixture overflowed, chlorine gas resulted.

    Between the toxic fumes and the flooding, Schlitt had no option but to race to the surface. 

    To do that, he had to fire torpedoes for no reason other than to increase buoyancy.

    Schlitt’s misfortune got worse… 

    When the vessel surfaced, it was immediately in the sight of Allied forces, who began to fire. 

    Schlitt abandoned U-1206, while approximately 50 were taken as prisoners of war, Roughly 10 men evaded immediate capture but were later apprehended, and another four men were killed, either due to British attack or drowning. 

    When news of the incident reached the British, they dubbed it the "sh*twreck." 

    Talk about a “Shlitt-show”... 


    Thank you all once again for joining us for another episode of Pottytime with POTTYMINTS! 

    This month, in honor of Pride Month, we are going to continue our tradition of featuring a quote from leader in the LGBTQIA movement - this week, we feature a quote from American politician and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California - Harvey Milk

    "Freedom is too enormous to be slipped under a closet door.” 

    Harvey Milk

    We hope that this week, you take time to enjoy the beautiful weather - make sure to take walks, meet up with friends and of course… tell them about this week’s episode of Pottytime with POTTYMINTS! 

    We wish each and every one of you a fantastic week ahead, and we will see you next week for another episode!