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🚽🙊 Flushing a Monkey Down the Toilet🙊🚽| Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 58)

Goooood Morning Potty People! 

Let us begin with this… you do not want our search history 

Getting news notifications throughout the week with terms like “Toilet”, “Potty”, “Bathroom” is not something to be admired 

And yet… every once in a while… you find a gem 

So you would imagine our intrigue when we saw the following… 100%,  Absolutely Real, Daily Mail headline… 

Ummm… WTF?!?! 

So for this week’s Main Story, we hear the story of “Milly the Monkey” the monkey who was flushed down the toilet and offered coca…. Oh, just keep reading and find out! 

Our story begins with Vicki Holland (insert Boo’s here), a mother, living with her four children in their home in Wales.

Vicki and her husband Russel are “animal lovers” and at their home you can find dogs, cats and of course Milly. 

“Milly” is a Marmoset Monkey they were somehow able to purchase…


As a rule of thumb… if you are going to purchase or have the means to purchase an exotic animal of any type

… odds are… you either hanging with the wrong group of people

… or you are the person your parents told you not to hang out with 

As you can imagine from the photo below… Vicki was exactly that person


Vicki had a serious drug problem… 

She would film herself abusing her animals, but particularly targeted Milly 

She would send the family dog to chase/attack Milly… she would try and give Milly cocaine… and she even filmed herself trying to flush Milly down the toilet. 

Trust us… even typing that out felt horrible 

But this is where it turns around… 

You see, Vicki was busted for drugs by the police who later found the videos of these disturbing events on her phone

Milly was rescued by The Royal Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who was quoted as saying: 'This was a very disturbing case but I am pleased to see Milly is doing well in a fantastic environment with her boyfriend Moon by her side.'

While at first Milly was clearly showing signs of abuse, as she was terrified by people, they slowly had to build up her confidence and provided her with a fellow marmoset mate named “Moon” who was also rescued from the pet trade.

Moon was quick to respond to Milly's alarm calls and would stand by her side to reassure her - which has helped her learn to trust again.

Now the pair are inseparable and love spending time in their large enclosure hunting insects and enjoying each other's company.

Meanwhile, Vicki received jail time, went to rehab,  and is no longer allowed to own pets. 

Good for you Milly! 


Enough Monkeying around… let’s get into this week’s POTTY Picks! 

This week, if you are tapped in to all things “trending” you may have noticed a sudden increase in “Corn” 

Yes, Corn - the vegetable that also is available in a mini version 

You might be asking yourself why this is? Why people are literally singing a song about “Corn”? 

Well, the internet is a strange place… but every once in a while, a video appears that just makes us all happy!

This is one of those videos - you see, this simple interview about a kid's love of corn is taking over the internet one kernel at a time… 

So prepare yourself for this week’s Video of the Week, courtesy of Recess Therapy: “The CEO of Corn” 

And if you are interested in the song version… here you go

We want to cap off this summer with songs that will hopefully motivate you for the week ahead! 

We all know those songs that make us tap our feet, sway our bodies, or even get up and dance - we think we have some of those gems in this week’s POTTY Picks! 

This week, we feature 5 songs from: 

  • “Lola’s Theme” - The Shapeshifters 
  • “World Hold On” - Bob Sinclair 
  • “All Night” - NVOY 
  • “Freed From Desire” - Gala 
  • “More Than A Woman” SG Paradise Edit - Bee Gees, SG Lewis 

  • We will keep the monkeys out of this story… we promise 

    This week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week is a perplexing one.. 

    You see, the toilet manufacturer Duravit decided to create a toilet… for life on Mars

    While Elon Musk may dream of it… we are a bit far off from life on Mars so building toilets seems like a strange use of company time… 

    Especially when you consider… there is gravity on Mars

    Meaning, your conventional toilet (with working plumbing) would work on Mars

    They didn't create a new toilet for Mars… they simply put a toilet on Mars (or at least they plan to) 

    The worst part… toilet paper isn't yet available on Mars 

    So if you need to grab a roll… you’ll have to go back down to Earth… go to your local Costco and stock up!  


    Thank you for joining us again for another episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

    As always we hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoy sharing them with you! 

    So to conclude our blog for this week we wanted to leave you with a quote for the week ahead! 

    This weeks quote comes from one of the greatest comedians of all time, George Carlin who said: 

    “Don’t sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things”” 

    George Carlin


    Hope to see you next week for another episode! 

    Feel free to send this to someone you think would enjoy it! The more the merrier in the Potty people! 

    Have a great week!