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🍉🚽Better Bring a Poncho...🚽🍉| Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 66)

In today’s world there are different levels to fame 

For some, this might mean the amount of Awards they have received over their career… 

For others, it might mean the amount of Tik Tok followers they have amassed… 

But we can all agree… the highest level one can get to… is being known by one name. 

Cher, Beyonce, Adele… or perhaps Drake, Prince, Morrissey 

These people don’t have time for Last names… they are simply too famous 

But… this week we discuss another one-name celebrity… Gallagher

For this Week’s Main Story we discuss the inventive comedian - Leo Gallagher

For those of you unfamiliar with Gallagher, prepare yourself… and if you are sitting close to the stage in what he called “The Death Row”… you should also grab a poncho 

You see… among his many routines, Gallagher was world-renowned for his signature act… 

Using a sledgehammer device he called the “Sledge-O-Matic” he would smash a variety of foods and objects into his audience. 

… He would end by smashing a watermelon 

After a string of Smashing Late Night appearances… Gallagher was BIG TIME! 

In the 1980’s he became the first comedian to have a comedy special aired on television, and would go on to sell out world tours! 

At one of those shows, a woman in the audience was struck in the head by a plush penguin with a fire extinguisher inside it - she sued him for punitive damages reportedly in excess of $100,000

… But in an effort to defend himself Gallagher himself took the stand… and reportedly got as many laughs as he did during his act. 

The presiding judge, William Froeberg, later said: "... in seven years on the bench, I've seen a lot of characters, but none so theatrical...It was entertaining. It certainly wasn't boring.” 

The Jury sided with Gallagher. 

While you might think that this act would go on to be a one-trick-pony… 

In fact, he was so popular… he employed his younger brother, Ron Gallagher, to perform his exact routine! 

Leo Gallagher (the original Gallagher) gave his brother his act under the condition that promotional materials for his shows would clearly state that it was Ron, not Leo, was performing. 

They agreed. 

Ron, for the next couple of years… dressed exactly like his brother, performed under the name “Gallagher Too”

"I'd say 70 to 80 percent of the people will leave here saying they saw Gallagher, which is the greatest compliment you can give," Ron Gallagher says.

After learning about this, Leo requested that Ron stop performing the “Sledge-O-Matic” sketch, but his brother continued to do the routine.

In 2000, Leo sued his brother for trademark violations and false advertising… concluding that his brother could not perform his act or any likeness to his brother in public. 

As for Leo, after a 4 decade long career, in 2019 Leo went on his farewell tour called “The Last Smash” … 

…and last week, he unfortunately passed away at the age of 76 

While Watermelons everywhere can go to sleep peacefully knowing he is gone, we wanted to share his unique story with you to honor the laughter he gave to so many! 

Let's Smash into this week's Potty Picks! 

We have discussed in the past the Worlds Biggest Pumpkin competition

And we have all seen carved pumpkins or decorative pumpkins on doorsteps or entrance ways these past couple of weeks 

But I have always found myself thinking: What do they do with all of these pumpkins? 

While many get thrown out in your local garbage or compost bin… others get thrown out… of a cannon. 

We are of course talking about the Pumpkin Chunkin Festival, where contestants see who can shoot a pumpkin the furthest… 

And some people take this thing SERIOUSLY… like $400,000 and a team of engineers seriously. 

We assure you, you have never seen anything like this, for this weeks Video of the Week, we are pleased to share with you, the Pumpkin Chunkin competition


This week we wanted to give you some options - so we decided to hit Shuffle on this week's playlist and give you mix of songs! 

We have some throwbacks, some new Afrobeat music and a couple remixes for your listening pleasure! 

Looking for some great background music to entertain your friends and family and impress them with your vast musical knowledge and eclectic taste… even the kids… 

Look no further than the Potty Picks: 2022 Playlist!

This week, we feature 5 songs from:  

  • “Chariot” - Gavin DeGraw
  • “Vex Oh (Feat. Eight9FLY)” - Kaytranada 
  • “Coast (Feat. Anderson .Paak)” - Hailee Steinfeld, Anderson .Paak 
  • “2 Sugar (Feat. Ayra Starr) - Wizkid 
  • “Don't You Want Me - Purple Disco Remix” - The Human League  

  • Did you know that the portable sanitation industry is worth over $1.9 Billion Dollars every year… 

    And you can imagine why? These Portable bathrooms appear to take a literal beating

    From Festivals to Construction sites… we are all far too familiar with the horrid experience that is using a Port-A-Potty 

    BUT… this week there is a new company trying to change that! 

    Introducing Portal, which features a full-size interior mirror, solar-powered LED lighting, and an always-on ventilation system. 

    The issue… at the moment one of these Portals will cost you $4,950 - so at the moment they are targeting Glamping Sites, Music Festivals and Weddings. 

    We dont know about you… but we are ready for a Port-A-Potty breakthrough because those things are ROUGH! 


    Thank you so much for joining us for another fantastic episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

    Did you love this episode? We did too! 

    Share it with your friends, family… or for that one friend of yours who is married to a man that looks like Gallagher. 

    BUT… like all of our blogs, we cannot leave you without a quote for the week ahead! 

    This week, we feature a quote from a staple in all of our childhoods, Theodor Seuss Geisel… otherwise known as… Dr. Seuss  


    “You ought to be thankful a whole heaping lot, for the places and people you’re lucky you’re not!”

    Dr. Seuss 

    Thank you again for joining us and we will see you later this week with a special… well… we will tell you more later this week! 

    Be Kind, Stay Grateful… and Happy Flushing!