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🎾🚽 Andy Murray wants a Bathroom Break🚽🎾| Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 72)

G’day Potty People! 

Crickey have we got a good one for ya! 

You may have caught on to our Australian slang… 

and that is because this week we head down unda to the Australian Open Tennis tournament 

You see… this week, Bathroom Breaks are in the news once again 

And that is because the Australian tennis tournament is having a bit of a debate we feel obliged to share with you all 

For this Week’s Main Story, we discuss the Australian Open and their now infamous NO Bathroom break policy! 

Lets begin with the basics for those unfamiliar with the sport of Tennis 

Tennis consists of many smaller games that in a best of 6 (sometimes 7) game series, that are called Sets 

These “sets” can sometimes go on for hours… and in some cases days 

The games are officiated by a Referee, who sits in a comically large chair about 6 feet off the court 

Players will often complain about certain calls or points to the referee… but this week, the players were complaining about another rule 

A Bathroom Break rule… specifically the Australian Open Bathroom Break rule 

Players are allowed One bathroom break in best-of-three set matches, while they get another one for best-of-five matches, with no exceptions in place for marathon matches

You see… professional tennis player Andy Murray (35), was denied a Bathroom Break by the referee as they were preparing for their 5th Set of their match

… which after 4 hours of Tennis - was set to begin at 4:00 AM in the morning! 

We dont know about you… but imagine yourself in the early morning stumbling to find the bathroom… only to be denied by a umpire in an adult baby high chair… 

Needless to say, we think Andy Murray has a point here. 

Murray, spoke to the referee and said the following: 

"It's so disrespectful that the tournament has us out here until three, f---ing four in the morning and we're not allowed to take a piss,"

"It's disrespectful to you, it's disrespectful to the ball children, disrespectful to the players and we're not allowed to go to the toilet. It's ridiculous."

Meanwhile… in the same tournament… Novak Djokavic left the court to use the toilet… and did not listen to the umpire’s request for him to return to the court 

Later after the match… Novak posted an explanation of his actions on his instragram account 

“Chair umpire allowed me to go to toilet but she told me I don’t have toilet break, just change over break. So she told me (you didn’t capture that with camera) I had to hurry up. When I almost exited the court she called me (I didn’t hear) and it was to tell me that toilet was on the opposite side of the court.I found one where I went also, and I had to be quick because of the time. I didn’t ‘defy’ her or the rules. She gave me permission and told me to be quick."

To be completely honest, these players are drinking insane amounts of water and sports drinks… they are out there for hours at a time… 

We think the entire situation is ridiculous… let the players take a Bathroom Break!  

Speaking of Bathroom Breaks… we know most of you are reading this blog from your toilet… so let’s get into this week's Potty Picks! 

This past week, the world lost a beautiful soul - David Crosby - famously of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young! 

While many people are familiar with his timeless music, few are familiar with his hysterical and thoughtful personality! 

Rolling Stone magazine discovered his gift, and decided to have fans ask him questions on topics ranging from music, to love, to love making! You name it! 

David Crosby answered each one the only way he knew how… so for this week’s Video of the Week we decided to share one of them with you all! 

This week, we add our third installment of 5 songs to the Potty Picks: 2023! Playlist! 

We figured we would include come Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, as well as some other fantastic songs for those of you interested in hearing some great music! 

We find that these days the radio plays the same 3 songs… and they have no intention of stopping - so we figured we would give you the Potty People some new music to open your horizons with! 

This week we feature 5 songs from: 

  • “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” - Crosby Stills Nash and Young 
  • “Paradise” - Sabrina Starke, Maikal X
  • “I’m Every Woman” - Whitney Houston, SG Lewis 
  • “Headlines” - Drake 
  • “Better (feat. Teddy Swims)” - MK, BURNS, Teddy Swimms
  • We wanted to include a story for those of you who enjoy the beautiful season of Winter, and the magnificent snow that comes with it! 

    While we are all familiar with Skiing and Snowboarding towns, other smaller towns during the winter months have a difficult time bringing people to come visit. 

    Especially in the snowy months… getting people to leave the comfort of their home, for any reason at all - is becoming harder and harder these days… 

    But not for the town of Conconully, Washington where they have a tradition that has brought out crowds for over 41 years now. 

    Of course, we are talking about their now infamous Outhouse Races! 

    Yes, you read that correctly, for over 40 years the small town of Conconully, holds Outhouse races! 

    The rules are simple: 

    1) Teams must build an Outhouse, complete with a toilet 

    2) a person must be seated on the toilet, with a helmet 

    3) there must be a roll of toilet paper in the outhouse 

    4) The outhouse must be on Skis 

    Competitors have designated Pushers - who Push the outhouses to the finish line, like any other race! 

    The fastest outhouse… WINS! 

    For this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week, we present to you… the Conconully Outhouse Races!  

    Thank you all for joining us for this weeks Potty TIme with POTTYMINTS episode! 

    We apologize for the infrequency in our blogs as of late, we were out with the flu - but we are BACK and feeling good! 

    We did miss writing a blog for Martin Luther King Day, and we wanted to share a bathroom related story with you before we get to our quote for the week ahead! 

    In his now infamous writing, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” where MLK was wrongly imprisoned for participating in a non-violent protest against segregation… 

    MLK was not given a larger notebook to write down his thoughts, and get his message disseminated. 

    So he had to get creative, and he did that by writing sections of this now historical letter - on pieces of the jails Toilet Paper - which he then gave to colleagues to type up! 

    Thank God for his Bathroom ingenuity, as this document went on to become a very important part of what made Dr. King’s legacy so impactful and revolutionary. 

    We figured for this weeks quote, we would share with you one of our favorite quotes from the letter 

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

    We hope that each of you has a fantastic week ahead! 

    We are still in the first month of this wonderful year! Make it the best one yet!