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April Fools' Day: 3 Prank Videos You HAVE To See!

Hey POTTY People!

We hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring weather as much as we are! 

As the seasons begin to change, so too does March become April… which can only mean one thing… April Fools’ Day is upon us!

Ahhhh, April Fools’ Day… arguably the most American of Holidays

There is nothing like your good friends lying to your face, for their own sick enjoyment… because you know… friendship!

We also want to point out that “April” has nothing to do with the Holiday… like at all

It would be like calling Columbus Day, “October Columbus Day”… it just doesn’t make sense

That being said, we love a good laugh – so we thought we would use April Fools’ Day as an excuse to share with you 3 of our favorite prank videos! 

 Best Little League Baseball Game Ever!

If you aren’t familiar with Improv Everywhere, they are most notably responsible for the now infamous “No Pants Subway Ride” (definitely check that video out, when you get the chance) – but this video is absolutely one of our favorites!

In this Prank, Improv Everywhere gathers a group of fans to cheer on a local, completely unsuspecting, children’s baseball game – complete with signs, jerseys and a couple extra hilarious surprises!

This video is just feel good fun!

 The Subway Bragger

If you have ever been to New York City and rode the Subway, this prank video is sure to make you smile! 

While we would never make fun of anyone for asking for change or for help on the Subway- this prank video turns that whole premise on its head.

This is truly one of our favorite prank videos of all time!

The Magical Porta Potty Prank! 

It wouldn’t be a POTTYMINTS Blog if we did not end with a Bathroom related prank, and this one is a fantastic one!

Whether or not we want to admit it, we have all been there… mustering up the courage to use the grotesque Porta-Potty’s at a festival or outdoor event.

However, in this prank a series of epic surprises emerge from what appears to be a normal Porta Potty… you have got to watch this one!


We hope that these videos made you smile, laugh or even just gave you something to talk about at the dinner table tonight!

These pranks are all in good fun, and rather than bring anyone down with the prank itself, they instead make everyone get in on the joke

We are looking forward to more things like these when the Pandemic is over, but until then we hope you all have a fantastic April Spring Day!