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🧼🚽 2022 American Bathroom Habits🚽🧼 | Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 41)

GOOOD Morning POTTY People! 

Welcome back to another episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

This was the first week in some time that New York relaxed their mask mandate… which officially begins… CHIN MONTH! 

Much like a Summer Body, our chins have been hidden under masks for the past two years…

And now… it’s time to let it breath baby!

Chin season is here! 

Similar to the “Farmers Tan”, you may even see friends and family with a mask shaped outline on their faces 

While the “new normal” will inevitably change as the pandemic continues to go away, we all learned some valuable lessons… 

For this week’s Main Story, we go over a recent study that examined America’s Public Restroom and hand washing habits, and identified key Covid impacts on how Americans view public restrooms… (we promise, it’s a fun read)

Let's not kid ourselves, Public Restrooms were in need of a MASSIVE cleanup 

There is nothing quite like the look of despair of the Gas Station employee who hands you the comically oversized bathroom key… 

…and the subsequent walk of shame that comes as you walk to the public bathroom door  

Only to be greeted by a bathroom that appears to have just been used by Shamu 

Well, if this sounds like a bathroom experience of yours… you are not alone

Prior to the pandemic, upwards of 70% of Americans had an unpleasant restroom experience 

41% of Americans now report using public restrooms as often as they did before Covid came on the scene… 

…and interestingly enough 27% say they use them more now than previously.

But wait… there's more! 

According to the study, 51% of Americans say an unpleasant public restroom at a business shows poor management, up from 39% in 2021.

Respondents also report that encountering neglected restrooms lowers their opinion of the establishment (43%) and shows the business doesn’t care about its customers (38%).

We don’t know about you… but we couldn’t agree more… especially if you are an establishment that sells food 

If your Restaurant bathroom stinks… odds are, the food stinks 

(God forbid it's a Sushi restaurant… yikes)

Out of all of the places of concern, Americans were most concerned about germs in stores (50%), medical facilities (39%), restaurants (34%) and gas stations (28%).

And we have to say… ONLY 39% were concerned about germs in a “MEDICAL FACILITY”?!? What?!? 

You mean to tell me you are comfortable with your Dr. using the same gloves for each patient… 

You mean to tell me you are comfortable with your Dr. having a visible mustard stain on his/her mask from lunch?!? 

YOU MEAN TO TELL ME you are comfortable with your Dr. loudly using the same wooden stick for multiple patients? 

We rest our case.

Needless to say, with these results… its clear - we have a WAYS to go!  

Speaking of going… let’s get into this week’s POTTY Picks! 

(For more on the results: Healthy Handwashing Survey™ from Bradley Corporation)


With all the craziness going on in the world… we figured we all need a good pick me up 

And this week’s Video of the Week is exactly that 

For you fans of the hit tv dating show, The Bachelor… 

Jimmy Kimmel decided to make his own version… but in his show… the contestants are babies

If this doesn't put a smile on your face… we honestly don’t know what will 

If there was ever a week to put on some tunes and forget about the world… this is it! 

We chose 5 songs that make you want to groove, or if you’re the adventurous type… click shuffle and enjoy the ride! 

For those of you that don't already know, we choose 5 songs for the week ahead and add them to a playlist called “POTTY Picks” - so to say on top of all our picks, make sure to “like” and follow our playlist! 

This week we feature 5 songs from: 

  •  “If I Ever Feel Better” - Phoenix 
  • “Escape (feat. Hayla)” - Deadmau5 and Kaskade, Kx5
  • “Maria Tambien” - Khruangbin
  • “Le Freak” - CHIC
  • “When I Was Wrong” - The California Honeydrops 

    Sometimes, these Bathroom Moments of the Week just fall in your lap! 

    On last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, they introduced the world to the “Aerotoilet” 

    We don’t want to say much other than… enjoy this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week! 


    Thanks for joining us for another fantastic episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS… if we do say to ourselves 

    We hope you reviewed your bathroom habits, had a good laugh, got some new tunes… and of course, we cant leave you without our quote of the week! 

    This week, we feature a quote from truly one of the G.O.A.T.’s (Greatest Of All Time) - and recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame… Dolly Parton 


    Dolly Parton

    “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”
    Dolly Parton


    We hope you all have a fantastic week ahead! 

    See you next week,