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Must-Have Travel Essentials

Remember the early days of the pandemic… 

Watching our friends and family, dress up in Hazmat suits… face masks… Face Guard… (complete with anti-fog spray too)... 

All in an attempt to change out of the sweatpants, and go on Vacation with your family or friends! 

We were willing to look like we worked at a Nuclear Power plant… all for the sake of Travel

And let’s be completely honest… WELL, WORTH IT! 

Well, now that people are getting back into the swing of things, and the airports are beginning to bustle again… it appears the “Seat Belt” sign is off and we are free to move aboard the cabin! 

With the appetite for travel back on the rise, we put together the must-have travel kit essentials for your next adventure.

Here are our  Must-Have Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials Guide - POTTYMINTS


We have all gotten on an Airplane, fully expecting there to be in-flight entertainment on the screen on the headrest of the seat in front of you… 

Only to arrive at your seat and realize… There is no screen… S*&t!

We cannot recommend bringing an iPad on the plane enough! 

Gone are the days of Portable DVD Players… Here is the iPad! Thanks Steve Jobs! 

No need to be forced into watching “Marlee and Me”, from a dropdown screen where your oxygen masks should be… you brought your own cinema! 

Just make sure to download shows beforehand… or pay the $26 per minute Airline Fee for Wifi

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow

We have all sat down, next to, or seen “that person” on every flight that is on the verge of falling asleep… 

Literally out cold… but as soon as their Neck gives out from exhaustion… they wake up, catch themselves and try again… 

Do yourself a favor… go and buy a Travel Pillow from the gift shop

You spent $$$$ on the  Vacation… only to show up at your destination exhausted from the flight with neck pain… 

Trust us… buy the pillow 


Toiletry Bag

First of all… is there anything cuter than miniature toiletries! 

Whether it’s a weekend vacation, or a week-long stay, make sure you bring the essentials! 

Keep your makeup, medicine, accessories and travel essentials all in one place with a toiletry bag! 

Travel Mask

N95 Masks

Let us be very clear… the COVID Pandemic is not over

While we may be over it- it is certainly not over us 

We want to remind everyone that by simply wearing a mask - you are showing that you want this thing to be over with… by listening to the advice of  Dr’s and Medical Professionals! 

That being said, remember to bring a N95 Mask, or a Medical Grade Mask, with you on your trip

And for the love of god… please cover your nose

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

This one is a personal favorite…Noise Canceling Headphones 

Tired of that crying baby seated 3 seats in front of you on this overbooked United flight?

Tired of your husband loudly chewing with his mouth open like a camel? 

Or just tired of your husband?

Introducing Noise Canceling Headphones! The greatest thing to happen to travel since putting wheels on suitcases! 

You don't have to keep the noise canceling technology on… but its always good to have the option! 


 Books for Travel

A Good Book

You know that book on your bedside table that has been collecting dust...

It turns out… there are words in there!

If you were looking for an opportunity to sit in silence and read a book... this is it! 

Take a moment on your vacation, find a quiet spot, and read a chapter... start there and who knows where it will take you! 

We dont know about you, but there is something satisfying about folding the corner of an actual page... rather than read on a screen



If you are anything like me and my family… We use A LOT of Sunscreen! 

Whether you are going to the beach, or are even skiing or snowboarding- Apply sunscreen! 

While they now make SPF 965… for those people who get sunburnt by LED light bulbs…  anything over 30 should be good

Charger - For On the Go


Although this is a mere Weekend Vacation… 

You packed your Laptop, Ipad, 2nd Computer Monitor, Apple Watch, 2nd Work Phone and of course… your backup Laptop… just in case. 

Unfortunately, you forgot to bring chargers for all your devices… way to go

Do yourself a favor and buy a 2nd charger, just in case you misplace the one you left at home… 

Travel Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting Wipes

Let’s be honest… we probably should have been wiping surfaces down before the pandemic… 

Prior to the pandemic… we literally were okay with eating an item dropped on the ground, so long as it wasn’t sitting there for 5 seconds… WHAT?!?! 

Make sure it's a disinfecting wipe and not a baby wipe… 

From the plane, to the hotel room itself… wipe down everything, while it may seem excessive… if it makes you feel more comfortable on vacation… go for it! 

Travel Water Bottle

Water Bottle

This is an easy one… 

Much like a Las Vegas Casino… Airports are trying to take your money

An Airport Bottle of Water: $8.00…insane 

Buy a reusable water bottle, and keep you liquid cold…use the water fountain at the airport… they have one, we promise! 

Save the environment, and save some money! Bring your own reusable water bottle! 

Camera for Travel

Disposable Camera 

This one isn’t so much an “essential” as it is a fun idea 

Unlike today’s iPhones/Android Phones that have insanely good cameras and the ability to edit and augment those photos… 

Disposable Cameras are perfect for capturing real - unedited moments - that require no editing or touch ups 

Want to remember your trip? But dont want to answer or be on your phone… try a disposable camera! 

Sleep Mask for Travel

Sleeping Eye Mask

This one is another personal favorite… especially as a difficult sleeper 

Are you sitting next to that person that decided to keep their window open the entire flight? And is he the only person with their window open on the whole plane… yes! 

No worries! Simply put on a Sleep Mask and enjoy complete darkness! We assure you that they are worth every penny! 

Travel Umbrella


Listen, we would love to show up to our destination, deboard the plane and enjoy that warm island weather… but as we, a bathroom air freshener company, know far too well… sh*t happens 

Bring an Umbrella in case it rains … it may be a sun-shower, or it may be here to say.. Either way, be prepared with an umbrella

Or if you want the ultimate life hack… it’s just Rain… water… you shower in it… you drink it… so get a little wet and enjoy the experience! 



Your husband forgot to pack the Toothpaste… 

Don’t make the “Walk of Shame” to the front desk where you ask them for Tooth Paste… 

Only to be given the world’s smallest toothpaste tube… which should last you the whole week you are in Aruba! 

Buy a two pack - keep one at home, and another for the trip! 


POTTYMINTS: Toilet Mints! 

Of course… We couldn’t write this list without mentioning POTTYMINTS! 

Hotels give you a sewing kit... but don’t give you a bathroom air freshener… 

Cruises provide guests with the smallest bathrooms imaginable... but don't give you a bathroom air freshener…  

Resorts will sometimes give you your own private pool.... but they never give you a bathroom air freshener…  

That’s where POTTYMINTS come in! 

Because POTTYMINTS are individually wrapped, liquid free tablets - they do not need to be removed from your carry-on bags… nor can they spill all over, ruining,  your belongings 

No matter where you go… bring bathroom freshness with you wherever you go with POTTYMINTS! 

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