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Essentials for summer travel

Is it Friday Yet? We here at POTTYMINTS simply can’t contain our excitement for the first Summer Weekend of 2019!


Seeing that we are in the business of saving relationships one flush at a time, we figure we would help you pack the one essential you will need for ANY weekend getaway – of course, we are talking about POTTYMINTS!


Nothing ruins the perfect summer weekend getaway like a smelly bathroom… and while Hotels offer shampoo, conditioner and even (in some cases) a sewing kit – they somehow forgot to include the one thing we all need when sharing a room – A bathroom air freshener!


Whether you are…


Going to the Beach to get your tan on


Camping in the woods to “#disconnect” from the outside world


Or traveling out of town for a family friend’s Wedding… you’re not sure why you were invited to it… but hey, Open Bar + Buffet = “Can’t Wait! See you there!”


Wherever the weekend takes you – Pack a POTTYMINT!


Nothing is more embarrassing than a TSA officer inspecting your bag in front of the security line - only to find, and then confiscate, a bathroom air freshener liquid spray from your carry-on bag.


Lucky for you, you read this blog post and got yourself some POTTYMINTS! Because POTTYMINTS are dry tablets, they can remain in your carry-on bag and wont spill or leak while in transit!


Have a great weekend wherever you go from us here at POTTYMINTS!