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The Best Gifts for Couples Moving in Together


You decided to “Test Drive” this relationship and move in together!

Time to start consolidating the makeup sprawled around your Bathroom sink… because it looks like we are expecting company.   

Trust us… love is one thing… but living together is what they mean when they say “true love”. 

The secret life you have been hiding from him… or as you call it: “Your True Self” is now simply a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt at any moment.  

While there are many gifts you can give to a couple looking to cohabitate… we figured since we think POTTYMINTS saves relationships one flush at a time… that we would give you our list of gifts for couples moving in together:

1. Apple Chargers

We have all been there, desperately searching for a phone charger.

These days in 2022, there aren’t many opportunities to see someone beg for something… because it requires some semblance of shame… And yet, asking to use someone’s charger seems to be the exception to the rule.

Typically, when two people are fighting over the single phone charger it turns into a game show… “Who Need the Charger More?”

The arguments begin the same, stating the battery status as though the battery itself is one with you: “I am at 24%”

The other person, much like showing your hand in poker, reveal that… “I am 13%” – at which point… the charger is theirs.

Save them the argument, and get them some Apple Chargers for their various devices. Not only will they thank you, but when you come over and are in need of a charger… you get first dibs!


2. Custom Welcome Mat

With living together comes the inevitable couple questions that you will have to ask yourself, the first one being: “Are we a Shoes On or Off type of Home?”

We have all been there, standing around in our socks in a stranger’s home – like standing in line in your sox, waiting to get x-rayed at the airport

But the truth is, most people’s shoes are filthy, so you may as well offer them the chance to wipe their feet before entering the home. 

Get them a Welcome Mat with some personality, something that both looks great and also gives off “Welcome… but please leave before 10pm” vibes.


3. Coffee Maker

You know the old saying… “Don’t Talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” 

Well, guess what? From the makers of Morning Breath comes… the morning grumps

You see, any moment or movement before that first sip of Coffee is like moving in slow motion.

You might even hear that thing where you yawn and make a noise that sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

We have also all seen the alternative… the person in line at your local coffee shop… still dressed in their pajamas… bed head hair intact… and BIG Sunglasses so that no one can recognize them. 

They are not hungover, but they somehow look hungover... 

Save your friends the embarrassment and get them a Coffee Machine!


4. Couple’s Coffee Mugs

Let’s be honest… gifting someone a Coffee Machine is expensive – so let’s talk Mugs!

Mugs are simply cups… with attitude 

Whether we like it or not, a mug is a fantastic gift – because everyone can use mugs including newfound roommates.

You see a Mug is not only a mug, but it can also be a bowl, or a tooth brush holder – it’s a First Time Roommate Must Have!

It’s no wonder that Mugs seem to last generations… sometimes moving from home to home with the owners 

If you are looking to get them a practical gift they will truly love, get them some mugs!


5. Video Doorbell

For some couples, this may be the first time that you are now living in a home outside of a city, or perhaps just the opposite!

Either way, while we all have fantastic memories growing up of unannounced guests coming over, surprising you and your family with memories galore…

These days, especially amidst a pandemic… any unannounced guest is a direct threat to me and my mugs!

Lucky for you, peace of mind is an easy fix – get them a Video Doorbell so you can see who is at your door, from anywhere on your phone, tablet or PC.

See, hear and speak to people on your property. Shine the lights on all your blind spots. And sound the siren remotely…Whether for safety… or as a sick practical joke!

Protect yourself and your partner with the gift of Home Security!


6. Candles

One thing you will immediately find when living with someone new, is that the home will begin to take on a scent – unfamiliar to you. 

We have all walked into friend’s homes and been met with a smell we were not expecting.

While you can try and pinpoint it, it's simply everywhere – and while it's not overwhelming, it's not pleasant either.

Even the most beautifully designed home only looks as good as it smells, so make sure to get them a candle in order to both keep their place looking and smelling fantastic!

Looking for another option that doesn’t require a flame? Try an Electric Diffuser to fill even your larger rooms!


7. POTTYMINTS Toilet Mints

We clearly saved the best for last… We here at POTTYMINTS believe that we are saving relationships one flush at a time!

Fun Fact: Did you know that 1 in 5 relationships end because of their partners Bathroom Habits?

Our founder, Suzanna, literally created POTTYMINTS for her own husband who, because of the embarrassment of an upset stomach, was forced to use the lobby restroom on their first vacation together…

At POTTYMINTS, our goal is simple:  Keep what happens in the Bathroom… In the Bathroom 

Unlike the other Bathroom Sprays that put words like “Poop” and “Crap” on their packaging…

We at POTTYMINTS think the Bathroom is one of the most beautiful rooms in any home, and we wanted our product to reflect that, both in aesthetic design and in the fragrances, we use.

Choose from any of our 4 Fragrance Collections and Keep love in the air… not shared Bathroom odors. 

Additionally, POTTYMINTS are Spill-Free, TSA Approved and Travel Safe – making them perfect for both your home, and on the go… especially Vacations where they don’t provide an air freshener. 

Shop our Bathroom Starter Set, or our Hostess Gift which both make perfect gifts for any couples moving in together!