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🚽🎃 Who Steals a 12-Foot Skeleton?!?🎃🚽| Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 64)

Happy Halloween Potty People! 

We decided that we would make this week’s blog a Halloween Themed Episode! 

There seems to be three types of people when it comes to Halloween: 

There are those who decide to avoid any trace of the holiday whatsoever… 

There are those who use it as an excuse to drink heavily and dress up in “suggestive” costumes… 

And then there are those people who LIVE for Halloween, and spare no expense to celebrate the holiday to the fullest. 

You know who we are talking about… the family who thinks their front lawn is Disney’s Magic Kingdom? 

Witches and Zombies and Skeletons… Oh My! 

… and then there are also those other houses that fall a bit short

It turns out, the competition for the right to call your neighborhood “Halloween House” is more competitive than we thought… 

For this weeks Halloween themed Main Story, we discuss How to Steal a 12 Foot Tall Skeleton… 

We are all familiar with Halloween mischief… 

“TP-ing” someone’s home with toilet paper, scaring your friends when they arent expecting it, and even some egg throwing from time to time. 

In fact, I have personally been hit with an egg by a passing car… yay! 

But, we were unaware of the theft of Halloween Decorations - which is apparently much more common than we thought. 

Especially when it comes to this years most stolen item… a 12 Foot Tall Skeleton 

Yes, you read that correctly - a fake, 12 Foot Tall… Skeleton

Which begs the question… 

How Does One Steal a 12-Foot Tall Skeleton?

Well… for Theft #1 we go to New Jersey

And while you might think to yourself… 

Okay, there is no way someone else tried to steal this 12 Foot Tall Skeleton in another part of the country… You would be mistaken. 

For Theft #2 we go to none other than Orlando Florida… 

And finally, for our last and favorite theft… we go to Texas 

Luckily, we believe all of the original owners of their skeletons have since had their property returned… every single limb! 

Let's have some skele-fun with this week’s POTTY Picks! 

We have said it once and we will say it again, when it comes to sketch comedy… there are few shows better than Key & Peele 

The fact that the show premiered 12 years ago, and the sketches still stand up, is a testament to their evergreen humor! 

This week, for our Video of the Week, we present to you a Halloween sketch called: “White Zombies” 

Whether it’s a Monster Mash, a Haunted Mansion… or just a Halloween Party in your living room! 

We have got you covered! 

This week, we wanted to keep our picks spooky… but we didnt want to give you the song “Thriller” 5 times in a row

So for this week's Halloween Potty Picks, we feature our 5 favorite Halloween songs!

This Week we feature music from: 

  • “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) - The Backstreet Boys 
  • “Superstition” - Stevie Wonder 
  • “Hungry Like the Wolf” - Duran Duran 
  • “Bad Guy” - Billie Eilish 
  • “Toxic” - Brittney Spears  

  • This story sounds like a joke… but we assure you, it is a true story 

    As we all know, Halloween Decorations vary in gore, size and place in your home 

    For whatever reason, comical spooky signs that read “Boo”, “Enter At Your Own Risk” or “Do Not Enter” written in fake blood 

    Well… the last sign “Do Not Enter”... when put on a Bathroom Door… is a bit of a tricky situation. 

    Either, go into the Bathroom against the signs wishes… or Don't Enter… and wait on the even more dreaded… Bathroom Line! 

    Well… this week, like a Frankenstein Monster… this situation came to life

    A woman in the U.K. has reportedly called for a Halloween Decoration Ban after she claimed a recent bathroom trip left her confused about a toilet’s working order.

    The bathroom the woman visited at a local business had a "keep out" sign on its toilet.

    "[I] think that Halloween decorations should be banned," the woman reportedly wrote. "I ended up leaving this establishment because I got confused as to if these toilets were out of service and no entry."

    "How are people expected to be able to know what’s opened and closed when [there are] big keep out signs on everything,"

    We find the fact that a news station covered this story to be comical… but we wish this Bathroom patron a Happy Halloween nonetheless! 


    Thank you all for joining us for a Halloween Edition of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

    We hope you all enjoy this strange holiday in any capacity!

    Whether that means, staying in and enjoying your favorite candy over a movie at home, or whether that means dressing up for your kids - this holiday is about reminding ourselves to live a little! 

    My family and I just went to Mexico for a wedding, and there they view Halloween and skeletons in general as reminders to ourselves of our mortality! Not in a bad way, but instead as a reminder of why life is worth living! 

    … and if that means dressing up as Raggedy Anne to please your neighborhood children… then so be it! 

    So for our shortest quote of the week ever… we give you a quote by Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen!


    “Enjoy life. There’s plenty of time to be dead.”

    - Hans Christian Andersen

    We hope to see you next Monday for another fantastic episode of the blog! 

    Until then, Happy Halloween Potty People!