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Holiday Essentials 2022

What. A. Week! 

First and foremost Happy Holidays Potty People! 

And a special Holiday greeting to the one, the only… Brooke Shields and the INCREDIBLE team at Page Six Style! 

In case you didn’t already see it…

Last week, I began to feel my phone rumble with notifications of a sudden burst of Shopify sales… 

So I curiously check online… and I finally see it: 


🚽🚨OH MY GOD!!!!🚨🚽 

I quickly called my sister Suzanna… she was putting her 6 month old  son, Mack, to sleep… 

She whispered… “You okay?” (She’s a great older sister) 

I told her the news… she quickly put down her son… and WE GOT TO WORK! 

We have always loved Brooke Shields… but now… we ADORE Brooke Shields! 

She ALSO Tagged us on Instagram and Facebook as one of Brooke’s Last Minute Gift Guide!

But WAIT… There’s MORE! 

You see… Brooke not only featured us in Page Six Style… 

She ALSO chose us as her Essential: Beauty and Style Must-Haves on CNN underscored Beauty Section!?!?


🚽😍🚨HOLY SH*T🚨😍🚽 

We LITERALLY had to HIRE More people to pack out all of the orders… WOW!

Truly, on behalf of myself, my sister and everyone here at POTTYMINTS, this has truly been the Best Holiday Season we have ever had! 

We are forever indebted to Brooke Shields, Page Six Magazine, CNN underscored… 

…And ANYONE who is gifting POTTYMINTS this Holiday season! 

We cannot begin to thank you all enough!  

and if you are new here… Welcome to the Potty People

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

Suzanna and Matthew