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🧻🚽Jeff Bezos Has 25 Bathrooms🚽🧻 | Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 65)

Welcome to our 65th Episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS! 

As always, whether this is your first episode with us, or your 65th we are so happy you are joining us for a fantastic episode! 

This week, we are discussing Billionaires, but one in particular… Jeff Bezos 

You see… Billionaires are taking their insanity to a new level as of late 

Elon Musk buying Twitter for funsies… Richard Branson buying an Island… but when it comes to insanity there can only be one… Jeff Bezos. 

Jeffery Bezos, executive chairman of Amazon, has a net worth of 115 Billion Dollars 

He has just completed one of his many homes in Washington DC, with… wait for it… 

25 Bathrooms… 11 Bedrooms… 5 Living Rooms…Two Elevators

Now if you think Bezos is scrubbing those 25 Bathrooms with a toilet brush… you are sadly mistaken as Bezos has a full staff assisting his every move, at any moment in the day or night. 

Here is where it gets interesting… This week, Bezos’s ex-housekeeper Mercedes Wedaa as well as other former staff are suing Bezos… 

She claims that her and the other staff members: 

“were forced to climb out of the laundry room window to the outside. Then run along the path to the mechanical room, through the mechanical room and downstairs to a bathroom.”

For this week’s main story, we go to Washington, DC where we learn more about the bathroom monster that is… Jeffery Bezos! 

We would like to begin this story by saying this… when you are building a home with 11 Bedrooms… AND 25 BATHROOMS! 

Meaning that each bedroom has literally 2 and ¼ Bathrooms per room. 

You can literally have a toilet intended for #1s… and another for… well you get it! 

So the mere idea that his staff would not have a bathroom they can use… is pure insanity! 

But this is actually not the first time Bezos has been critical of bathroom breaks… 

You see, this is not even his first lawsuit as it relates to bathroom breaks…. 

In 2019, a former Amazon employee, Nicholas Stover, sued the company for $3 Million Dollars in damages after he was allegedly fired for “excessive bathroom breaks.”

What Amazon did not seem to factor into their reasoning was that Stover was suffering from Crohn’s disease - a type of inflammatory bowel disease which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition. 

This is of course in addition to the now infamous “Pee Bottles” that Amazon employees and delivery drivers use in order to not be penalized by Amazon for missing time during work. 

As you can tell from this story… Jeffery is not a Potty Person, we don't care how many bathrooms he has. 

We decided to share this story with you all for an important reason… Mr. Bezos doesn't need or deserve your business… especially this Holiday season!

While we can all admit, Amazon is incredibly convenient - we implore each and every one of you reading this blog to shop with a Small Business this Holiday season. 

Let's not forget that these Small businesses have hard working employees… and we can assure you the owners of these shops are not vacationing on Mars

That business could be shopping at POTTYMINTS.COM where every order is hand made, hand packed, and shipped by a real person (with unlimited Bathroom Breaks)! 

… Or it can be your local boutique gift shop or clothing store. 

This Holiday season, all we are asking is to keep these things in mind… but anyway, back to our regularly scheduled blog

Enough with the bathroom breaks… let's get into this week's Potty Picks! 

This week's video of the week might be one of the funniest videos we have shared on this blog… 

In sticking with the theme of larger companies trying to get their employees to continue to work without break… we present to you a video that addresses that very idea 

The interesting thing about it is… the movie was made in 1936 

“Modern Times” a Charlie Chaplain classic is the gold standard in comedy - it features his infamous “Little Tramp” character trying to keep up in a new modern industrialized world. 

In this classic scene, watch as Charlie Chaplain’s character becomes the test-dummy for a new product which allows assembly line workers to eat while still working. 

We assure all of you… we literally cried tears of joy watching this video, we could not recommend it enough! 

For any of you new to the blog, in this section we choose 5 songs for the week ahead that we add to an ongoing playlist called: “Potty Picks: 2022!” 

This playlist is perfect for any of you looking for some new music that you might not hear played on the radio, or featured in the “top charts” section on Spotify! 

This week, we wanted to feature 5 songs that we think perfectly compliment the time of year and weather outside! 

So grab a flannel shirt, get those sweatpants on, and slide around in your socks - because we have some great tunes for you! 

This week we feature music from:  

  • “Listen Up” - SOLOMON 
  • "Got To Be Real" - Cheryl Lynn
  • “Valerie” - Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse 
  • “Respect” - Aretha Franklin 
  • “Dancing In The Street” - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 


    For this week’s Bathroom moment of the week we go to the NFL… you know, the concussion sport? 

    Well, while in previous episodes we have discussed using the Bathroom Break as an advantage in professional sports… 

    This is not one of those stories. 

    You see… DK Metcalf plays for the Seattle Seahawks, and he is like… really really good at football. 

    So much so, that he needs to be ready at any moments notice to get back in the game, or stay in the game for the next play! 

    All of that was going according to the gameplan when all of the sudden… Metcalf’s stomach began feeling upset. 

    His Head Coach, like a mother on a road trip asked him “if it was a #1, or #2?” to which Metcalf replied “2”... and the rest is pretty comical! 

    So for this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week, we bring you DK Metcalf’s bathroom break! 

    And here is the way the situation played out on National Television


    Wow! What an episode if we do say so ourselves! 

    From Billionaires to Bathroom Breaks, this blog covers a lot! 

    In all sincerity, thank you for 65 fantastic episodes and if you enjoy this blog, we would love it if you shared it with a friend! 

    BUT, you know we cant leave you without a quote for the week ahead, and this week is no exception!  

    This week, in light of all of the anti-semitic news in the world today, we wanted to feature a quote from someone we have featured before on the blog, 

    Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who is not only considered one of the greatest modern religious philosophers, but he was also instrumental in the civil right movement, marching right alongside Martin Luther King Jr. 

    “A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair.”

    Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel 

    Thank you all for joining us, and we will see you next week! 

    Have a great week!