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Our 10 Favorite Things About Summer 2021!

While we don’t often do these types of things…

We figured since August is quickly disappearing for its 12-month hiatus, that we would take a brief moment to recap our 10 Favorite things about the Summer of 2021!

After a year and a half of being inside… Baking Bread for Fun…Watching “Tiger King” for the 8th time… and of doing those dreaded Zoom Happy Hours… Summer (#vaccinatedsummer) was literally a breath of fresh air!

We are not saying that Summer is officially over… we are just saying… if you haven’t done any of these things this Summer… odds are… you missed out!


Going to the Movies!


After a year of seemingly endless scrolling to find out what’s new (or what haven’t you already watched) on Netflix, walking into a Movie Theater, smelling the popcorn, feeling the sticky soda floors!

 All the general cleanliness of a McDonalds Play Space Ball Pit…

Ahhhh, Movie Theaters… How we missed you!

Could we have waited the extra week to see it from the comfort of our house? Yes!

Are we now willing to pay $50.00 to NOT watch a Movie at Home with our families? Yes!  


Mini Golf


We love everything about Mini-Golf!

Strangely enough, it’s the only sport we as humans decided to “Mini” 

As you get older, what began as a fun date idea… turns into a frantic family activity of getting your son out of the artificial pond



Summer BBQ’s


No Summer is complete, without a Summer BBQ!

And yes, we get it Denise, you recently became a Vegetarian over the pandemic… #yay

We missed trying to cut chicken on a paper plate with plastic utensils… 

We missed the feeling of everyone you invited to the bbq, judging your cooking and food presentation like an episode of Chopped

We missed it all… but are so happy we had this summer to get back together outside!


Ice Cream


Summer and Ice Cream are a match made in heaven! 

As we have gotten older and wiser, we now understand why “We All Scream, For Ice Cream!” 

One thing we did think was going to change after the pandemic, are the people who ask to try “Vanilla”… Quick Question: Is this your first time in Public? WHAT?! 


The Beach


We dream about Beach Days all year long! They are absolute perfection! 

Some people prepare for the beach by remembering to pack sunscreen, extra towels and even some beach umbrellas…

But then there are those people who REALLY go for it… You know the people we are talking about…

The people that get to the beach at 5 AM to reserve their spot…set up a tent… bring their living room television… a Hibachi Chef… and their son’s bedroom air-conditioner 

Are you opening up an Airbnb on the beach? What are you doing? Just enjoy the beach!


Live Music 


We missed Live Music SOOOOO Much this past year!

We missed the entire experience of going to a live show, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing with complete strangers, who loves the same band you do! Talk about a communal experience! 

We urge you to go to your local venue, support them buy going to show, buying a t-shirt, buy a beer (or 6)… please do what you can to help both local musicians, venues and staff who have had a difficult year to say the least!



Sunday Brunch


I am not one to get emotional about these types of things… but having Bottomless Mimosas alone on Sunday mornings this past year was less “Instagram worthy” and more of a cry for help! But I digress… 

Brunch is the only thing that can get me to wake up early on a Sunday morning! 

It’s the Lords Day, and my god! (#punintended) Get that divine being a drink!

Yes, I am obviously wearing that obnoxiously large hat that everyone says makes me look like “The Man with the Yellow Hat” from Curious George…  But, I am living my best life with my besties!

Side note: I need a nap…




After a year and a half of getting the “Wedding Postponement” Emails, you finally remembered the feeling of getting dressed like a human again, and attended your friend’s wedding! 

What progress we have all made… from a year of wearing predominantly sweatpants to looking like a Disney princess in a Wedding Gown! 

One thing that unfortunately hasn’t changed, is that even though we have had over a year to better ourselves… our collective dance moves don’t appear to have improved one bit! 


Swimming Pools


What was once a care-free experience now boils down to one singular question… Does Chlorine kill Covid?

While you once wore Sunglasses to protect your eyes… you now use the massive frames to patrol and keep potential Covid outbreaks from your children…

While there is a lifeguard present… you quickly realize he is not there to guard your kids life… and that you must take things into your own hands.

What once was a space for “Marco-Polo”, has now turned into a communal space of “Don’t Touch That! Uh Oh!”

But in all seriousness, swimming, however and wherever you got to do it this Summer, whether in a pool, a lake, or an ocean… is truly the best Summer Activity!


Seeing Family and Friends Again!


This past year has been a difficult one, and although we have had the ability to Zoom, Skype or Facetime with people, there is simply no replacement for being together in person! 

The feeling of embracing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time…

The feeling of letting someone know that “you missed them”… or that you care about them!

The feeling of seeing your Grandparents or Family Members again!

We missed it all, and what are these Summer Activities if you have no one to share them with!


So as we head into the last couple weeks of Summer, let’s all remember back a year ago today, and think of where you were… inside

Use this strange blogpost as an opportunity to get out there, put the work down for a moment, and go do something!

We wish you all a happy and healthy rest of your Summer!