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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: Memorial Day Edition! (Ep. 8)

Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you!

We couldn’t be happier that you took a moment of your day to join us for yet another… POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS!

In honor of today, we decided to make this week’s blog a Memorial Day Edition!

That being said let’s get right into it this week’s blog by answering a question we are all thinking… 

What is Memorial Day and why are we celebrating it?

Memorial Day is an American holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.

(Before we go any further with our Blog shenanigans, to anyone reading this who has served our country – Thank you for your service! We truly appreciate all you do for this country!) 

Now to the shenanigans… (just jokes for giggles!)

We have always found it interesting that, given the emotional weight of the day, that American families tend to commemorate this day in their own special way:  

Children will honor the day by making the parents judge their underwater handstand competition…

Mother’s will partake in the American Tradition that they refer to as a “Billy Joel” – which I am told involves drinking a Bottle of Red and a Bottle of White…  

Fathers will honor these brave men and women by wearing a “BBQ Apron” – a rare, and seldom used cloth like garment, adorned by the self-appointed “grill master” … for the troops

Husbands love to treat the Memorial Day BBQ duty as though they are a contestant on Food Networks show “Chopped”

Although you have never seen your husband even attempt to cook anything other than toast…

He apparently has special BBQ equipment specifically for moments like these… sometimes kept in the same briefcases they use on “Deal or No Deal”

Let’s be honest… for some men… The Memorial Day BBQ is Father’s Day

However, you decide to celebrate or commemorate… we can all agree that drinking alcohol on a Monday just feels right!

Let’s get into this week’s Memorial Day Weekend Themed POTTY Picks!


We don’t know about you… but it is such a pleasure getting back to some sense of normalcy here in New York City!

We missed so many, everyday often overlooked things that we took for granted: High Fives, Hand Shakes, Hugs… and of course… Shared Appetizer plates

Whether its Nachos, Tapas, Mezze Plate or the Sampler Platter… we have truly missed these communal snack plates

Perhaps none more so than Chips and Guacamole… the Chipotle Bread Basket.

We have truly missed not only eating Chips and Guac with friends or Family, but we have also missed being told that “Guacamole is extra”… #igotthatguacmoney

To commemorate the return of communal appetizers, we bring you this week’s Video of the Week courtesy of PEZ (@pesfilm), an incredible stop motion filmmaker.

For those unaware, “Stop Motion Filmmaking” works like a flip book, but stop motion only uses physical objects, instead of drawings.

Hundreds of thousands of pictures later… you are left with an incredible work of art that is “Fresh Guacamole By PEZ”


In honor of this Memorial Day themed POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS, we decided to mark the occasion the only way we know how… with a POTTY Picks: Memorial Day Mix!

Rather than play the radio and have to deal with commercial breaks… simply press play on our mix below and enjoy!

We packed this mix with fantastic songs both old and new, and it is sure to make your weekend a little better!

Check out our playlist here with amazing music from: Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Anderson .Paak and Kaytranada!  


Last week, we started off the blog by speaking about the Kentucky Derby, and specifically focused on Medina Spirit… the “Barry Bonds” of Horses.

BUT, this week we stay in the horse racing world, but this time we shift to another race!

We speak, of course… about “The Toilet Run”  

You see, at large events like the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness or any outdoor concert, there will often be a row of Port-O-Pottys in alignment with each other.

Sometimes hundreds of them, lined side by side, like soldiers on the frontlines preparing for battle.

Now, rather than going through the huge crowd of people in line to use the restroom… one heavily inebriated individual decided this was his opportunity to make something of himself.

With that, he climbed on top of the line of Port-O-Pottys and began to run… 

Like “American Ninja Warrior” meets “Alcoholics Anonymous”…

…Onlookers watch in awe of this drunken runner, as he passes them in line.

As he begins to get the hang of staying on his feet, and avoiding falling off… the impatient crowd begins to hurl beers at him, making the run that much more difficult.

Will he make it… will he not… you’ll have to see to find out!

We would argue that this competition is perhaps the most American event that has ever been created.


Thank you once again for reading this week’s POTTY Time with POTTYMINTS!

We know your time is valuable, and we genuinely hope that something in this blog made your day even a little better!

As you all know, we like to end our blogs with a quote that hopefully provides you with some inspiration, motivation and purpose for the upcoming week.

This week, in honor of the Memorial Day Themed Blog… we wanted to conclude with a quote from the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln:


“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” 
— Abraham Lincoln


Once again, to those of you reading who have served our country, or have family that served, or are currently serving yourself…

We truly cannot begin to thank you for your sacrifice to our country and for allowing us to enjoy the freedoms we too often take for granted.

We hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend and enjoy the week ahead!