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What You Didn't Know About Using the Phone on the Toilet

Let’s be honest… you are probably reading this from your toilet 

But have no fear… you are not alone 

According to a Verizon Wireless study, 90% of people admit to using their phones in the bathroom

… and those that didn't admit it are lying. 

Bringing your phone into the bathroom with you is the greatest thing to happen to the bathroom experience since two-ply toilet paper. 

Who would have thought that you can order your dinner, write some work emails and catch up on “Schitt's Creek”… all from the comfort of your toilet! 

The mere idea of sitting on the toilet, without anything to do… gives us anxiety 

In retrospect, the idea that people used to walk into a public restroom with a magazine or reading material is gross… 

Well we figured, since we have your attention for at least a couple of minutes… here is What You Didn't Know About Using the Phone on the Toilet

Is it normal to use your phone on the toilet?


In America, using your phone on the toilet is more common than voting for President

A recent study showed, 69% of Women text on the toilet… and not at all surprisingly… 80% of Men text on the toilet

The same study found that Android Phone users are more likely to text or be on their phone on the toilet, more so than iPhone users

So not to worry, you are in good company… the real question is: What are you doing on your phone on the toilet? 

For most Americans, the answers won’t surprise you: 

Social Media: 
Women: 57%
Men: 51%

Women: 40%
Men: 41%
Watch a Video:
Women: 39%
Men: 37%

Listen to Music:
Women: 43%
Men: 38%

Mobile Gaming:
Women: 11%
Men: 35%

But some of the findings from the survey were interesting… 

1 in 3 Women admit to sending a selfie from the bathroom… 

10% of Men use Dating Apps on the toilet…

10% of Men admit to speaking to their boss on the toilet…


Yup, you guessed it - Men are gross

So now that we have spoken about the benefits of bringing your phone in the bathroom… 

We too need to mention the risks of sitting on the toilet with your phone

The Risks of Sitting on the Toilet with a Phone

Phone Can Fall in the Toilet

We all know…It’s fun and games until your phone accidentally falls into the toilet… 

Which happens more often than you think… 1 in 10 phones have taken a swim in the toilet 

Higher Risk of Hemorrhoids

Yes, the dreaded “H” word… hemorrhoids

Those who used their cell phone on the toilet had a higher rate of hemorrhoids.

Though the rate was not significant, medical professionals still warn that sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time can lead to hemorrhoid problems.

Legs Falling Asleep 

Ever wondered why you get that “pins and needles” sensation in your legs? 

We will save you the strange google search results… 

We actually dedicated an entire blog to that question: Why Do Your Feet Fall Asleep on the Toilet? 


Proper Toilet Etiquette

Since we at POTTYMINTS consider ourselves bathroom experts… here are our tips for Proper Toilet Etiquette

According to gastroenterologists, the entire bathroom experience should be relatively quick, taking between 5 and 15 minutes, 

So let’s keep the phone use to a minimum…

Save the calls to the in-laws… 

Save the TikTok dance lesson…

Save binge watching "Succession" in your guest bathroom… 

Not only is using your phone in the bathroom gross, but fun fact… the average smartphone screen is dirtier than a toilet seat.

We all love slouching or slumping over our phones while we are on the toilet… for some odd reason, we find it more comfortable.

You want your colon to completely relax, so putting unnecessary pressure on the pelvis by slouching doesn’t help.

So, all things considered… and as much as it hurts us to say it… 

Its best to put the phone away in the bathroom