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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: Episode 16

Good Morning Potty People!

Let us be one of the first to wish you a Happy Monday!

Grab your Morning Coffee or Alcoholic Beverage… we don’t judge #itsapandemic

Let’s get into this week’s main story courtesy of the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks!

Last week, for the first time since 1971 the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA Finals, and while we don’t typically talk about sports much on this blog… this story in particular is pretty incredible.

You see their star player, Giannis Antetokounmpo has one of the most unlikely stories in all of sports.

Born in Greece to Nigerian Parents who often struggled to pay their bills, Giannis and his 4 brothers would try and sell watches, handbags, and sunglasses in the street to passing tourists.

He only began playing basketball initially to help his family make some extra money

But eventually, because of his height mobility, and potential ceiling at 6’11, he was drafted with the 15th pick by the Milwaukee Bucks when he was just 18. 

During his first year, Antetokounmpo would often bike in freezing temperatures to the Arena to save money in order to send it home to his family in Greece.   

This one particularly chilly day, Antetokounmpo took a taxi from his suburban Milwaukee home to a nearby Western Union.

It was a game day, and Antetokounmpo wanted to wire some money to his family in Athens before heading to the arena.

He went to the ATM, withdrew some cash and sent it. When he went back to take out more for cab fare, he discovered he had reached his limit.

Panicked, Antetokounmpo decided to run the two or so miles to the Arena.

A young married couple pulled up alongside him, and asked if he needed a ride 

"Yes, please," Antetokounmpo replied. He hopped into the backseat of the SUV and was dropped off at the arena's front door.

Clearly, a lot has changed… Fast forward to 2020…

The 5 x All Star… 2 x MVP…. and Defensive Player of the Year

Giannis Antetokounmpo or now commonly known as “The Greek Freak” signed the richest contract in the history of the National Basketball Association and as of last Tuesday night… He is now an NBA Champion and Finals MVP!

Congrats to Giannis and The Milwaukee Bucks!

Now let’s get into this week’s Potty Picks!

There are certain icons of sport that are so transcendent, they change their respective sports forever—Jordan, Tiger, Serena.

But there is one athlete you’ve probably never heard of who also belongs in that rarified air, one who can run faster and jump higher than all of them: His name is Spitfire, and he’s a 7-year-old Whippet.

But what makes Spitfire so special is more than the fact that he has four legs, it’s the powerful bond he has with his trainer, a 15-year-old girl named Sydney.

Together, they are rewriting the record books of the canine sports world.

This video is longer, but we assure you it is absolutely incredible!

Did you know that studies have shown that listening to music helps improve blood flow, helps fend off depression, and lowers your stress levels! And we believe it too!

We don’t know about you, but a good playlist acts as the perfect soundtrack to my week!

That’s why we added another 5 songs to our POTTY Picks Playlist, with music from: Liss, Sienabo Sey and Lenno, Luther Vandross, Carl Carlton, and Jafunk!

Remember that if you want to stay up to date with all our POTTY Picks, click “follow” on the Spotify Playlist!  

For this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week, we travel to South Korea!

Introducing the ‘BeeVi toilet’ – the world’s first toilet that pays you for using it! 

Students at this South Korean university can pay for their coffee by using the eco-friendly ‘BeeVi toilet’, which helps power a school building by turning feces into methane gas. 

The compost/currency commode uses a powerful vacuum to pull waste down into a composting tank, thereby eliminating all water usage.

The amount of waste they contribute to the electric bills is returned to them in the form of a digital currency, which allows them to buy goods on campus like coffee or food.

We think the United States may be able to contribute to this noble cause…

You see, by simply putting a Taco Bell franchise on Campus, students will finally be able to truly combat Climate Change… together!


Wow, what a blog! (if we do say so ourselves!)

Thank you so much for reading this weeks episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS, it really means so much to us!

We hope these stories made you smile, or laugh or just gave you a moment of joy this morning!

We like to end our blogs with a quote that we can all hopefully use for inspiration for the week ahead.

This weeks quote comes from American comedian, actor and singer Joe E Lewis:


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
– Joe Lewis

We hope you have an incredible week! Our challenge to you for the week ahead: Use this week as an opportunity to identify what you are truly grateful for.

If one of those things is a friend or family member… let them know you are grateful for them, just simply being who they are in your life!  

Have a great week!