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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: Episode 4

Let us be some of the first people to welcome you to the month of May!

Welcome back to another fantastic episode of “Potty Time with POTTYMINTS”!

And to those of you who celebrated Orthodox Easter yesterday, we hope it was meaningful and enjoyable!

Speaking of Easter… for this week’s story of the week – we take you… a hop, skip and jump over the pond to the town of Bedford, England!

There we meet an animal by the name of Darius… the Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Largest Bunny.


Weighing in at an incredible - 50 pounds… Darius lays in at a whopping 4 Feet and 3 inches!   

But wait… there is more!

Annette Edwards, Darius’s owner, is herself a bit Bunny crazy…

Previously a Playboy Bunny, she now owns over 100 rabbits, and is most notable for having paid over $13,000 to look like the cartoon character “Jessica Rabbit”.


… #NailedIt

But wait… believe it or not…there is even more!

Unfortunately, Darius was recently stolen from Edwards home, and is now working with the local police, offering a $20,000 reward to help get her prized pet home. 

I don’t know about you… but if the holiday of Easter has prepared us for anything… it’s a situation exactly like this! 

For those of you who don’t already know… Bunnies don’t lay eggs… let alone… Chocolate Eggs

But for whatever reason, we hide them… not because of a religious obligation, not even for the children… but instead… we do it for Jesus!

Every year… missing bright, colorful, eggs… hidden in plain site on the lawn… 

This year, no need for small colorful eggs… instead… just keep an eye out for the 4 FOOT BUNNY!!!

While there is so much more to this story, including the small detail that Darius had his own personal Security guard while at public events…

This story is actually still ongoing at the moment, as the bunny is currently still missing! So keep an eye out! 

Well… let’s Hop into this week’s blog with our Potty Picks for this week!


As you may have guessed, we here at POTTYMINTS are trying to make the Bathroom experience, a little more…dare we say… Fashion!

While POTTYMINTS have been featured in such notable fashion publications as, People Magazine, Refinery29 and Vogue

We have yet to be invited to the biggest event in Fashion - Paris Fashion Week!

Paris Fashion week is iconic amongst A-Listers and fashion inner circles. It's the place where you find all the next big trends, the crème de la crème of fashion weeks.

Introducing Georgio Peviani” – one of the most talked about designers of PFW… and the only clothing designer in attendance who doesn’t actually exist…

Watch as Oobah Butler and Vice sneak into Paris Fashion Week as Georgio Peviani in this week’s Video of the Week!


This week we are back with 5 songs we think you are going to absolutely love!

Get your morning coffee ready, get your stretch or morning routine started and hit play on the POTTY Picks Songs of the Week! 

Have you ever tried showering with music? Singing and listening to music will generally boost your immune system

That being said…  get your voice and immune system ready - because this week is a sing along!

Featuring music from: The Bee Gees, Barry White, Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson and Diplo (“Silk City”), Leon Bridges and Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)!  



There are many questions that have baffled people for years…

Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

Is water wet?

If you clean out a vacuum cleaner, are you a vacuum cleaner?

Well… this week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week goes to this video of a group of comedians discussing another one of life’s mysteries… What is the correct way to hang toilet paper?

Watch this hilarious debate here!



As you know, we like finish our blogs by sending you into the week with a quote that hopefully inspires you in some way!

This week’s quote comes from the legendary French fashion designer and businesswoman - Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel!


"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside."
- Coco Chanel

This week, let’s all try our best to exude our complete beauty to the world!

Get some Fresh Air, try something new, start a new TV Show! The possibilities are endless!

No matter what you do this week, we will see you next Monday for another episode of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!

Have a great week!