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Potty Time with POTTYMINTS: Episode 9

Good Morning Potty People!

Welcome back to another episode of “Potty Time with POTTYMINTS”!

For our first blog entry of June, we wanted to start the blog off with a story that is pretty incredible!

For this week’s story, we go to the West Coast, specifically to Bradbury, California where we meet Hailey Morinico and her families 4 dogs.

It was yet another beautiful day in California, the sun was shining, the birds chirping…

What a beautiful time to be one with nature…

That is until… Morinico noticed a GIANT Brown Bear standing on her backyard fence.

Even better… The Brown Bear was with her two baby cubs…

…Needless to say… This Mama Bear is not a people person.  

A bit frazzled and in a bit of a panic, Morinico decided to let her 4 dogs out into the backyard to bark, chase the bear, and hopefully, get the Bear and her cubs to leave her backyard.

As you can probably tell… it appears Morinico wasn’t going to be receiving the PETA’s 2021 “Person of the Year”…

As she essentially sent her dogs out to be viciously mauled by a Mother Bear like a tray of appetizers.

Needless to say, the Bear was not having it with Morinico’s small dogs barking and began to swipe it’s paws at the dogs…

To add to the drama, these were not just pet dogs… the smallest of the dogs, “Valentina”, was Morinico’s Mothers Emotional Support Animal and any damage to the pup would cause potentially irreparable damage to her Mothers health both mentally and emotionally. 

So Morinico, the 17-year-old dog owner, had a choice to make… Stay inside and watch? Or try and do something?

Morinico courageously ran towards the commotion, and with her own two hands pushed the bear off the fence!

She quickly grabbed her small dog and ran into the house, and the other dogs followed her inside too!

Luckily for us all, there is a video to prove it! Absolutely incredible!

Luckily for her, she was left unscathed with just a sprained finger and a scraped knee.

Absolutely incredible, or as some might say… impawsible!

Thanks for bearing with us… let’s get into this week’s Potty Picks! 

This week’s Video of the Week comes to us courtesy of the Bo Burnham, and the good folks at Netflix!

Burnham who began his career on as one of Youtube’s biggest stars, uploading his signature satirical songs and comedic videos which have been viewed more than 300 Million times. 

In his most recent special entitled “INSIDE”, now available on Netflix, Burnham decided to use this past year in quarantine to make a Comedy special unlike any in the past.

No Audience, No Stage, No Help… Just him, in his room, some musical equipment, some colored lights, and a couple of cameras 

Simply put. Bo Burham’s new special is exactly that – “Special” – it must be seen and we couldn’t recommend it more!

Watch a clip from Burnham’s special “INSIDE” here, in our Video of the Week:


We hope you all enjoyed last week’s “POTTY PICKS: Memorial Day Mix” which is a great playlist of songs you can play for any BBQ, Party, or Road trip!

This week and every Monday, we add 5 fantastic curated songs to our POTTY Picks Playlist, which we share with you every week right here on our blog!

Looking for some new Groovy Summer Tunes to get you going! Look no further than right here!

Want to stay up to date with all our tunes for the Summer? Like and Share our Playlist to keep your music selection Fresh… (like your Bathroom #pottymints)

This week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week is courtesy of actor, Josh Brolin and his 2-year old daughter Westlyn Reign!   

While Brolin has gained a reputation in Hollywood as your typical tough guy, from his infamous role as “Thanos” in “The Avengers: Endgame”

We see a different side of him this week… his backside!

As he teaches his daughter how to use her pink potty! 

Posted to his Instagram account, Brolin captioned his photo by explaining: “There’s nothing like the power of example (what to do and what not to do)😜"

We absolutely love this picture, the pink potty… and of course the fact that he covered up his daughter’s relaxed home attire too!

A Fun Fact: Our Business Partner, “Matt”, actually taught his sons how to properly use the POTTY, by using POTTYMINTS… in just 2 Weeks!

Matt’s Advice: “When my kids were done going to the bathroom, I always told them they need to 1) Flush the toilet and 2) They need to give the toilet a POTTYMINT so his breath smells good”

Both you and the child are rewarded with an incredible smelling Bathroom!

If it worked for him and his kids… it may work for you and your kids… and Josh Brolin too!


Well, that just about wraps up this week’s blog!  

But before we go, you know we have to leave you with something to help you get through the week, or at least give you some perspective for the week ahead.

As you know, we like to end all of our blogs with a quote, and this week’s comes from American Cartoonist and creator of “The Family Circus”.

Although most of his work is comedic in nature, his quote for this week is incredibly profound:


“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Bill Keane

We hope that you all have a fantastic week ahead - let your Presence be your present to the world.

See you next week for another Potty Time with POTTYMINTS, and thanks again for giving us a moment of your week to spend together!

Have a great week,