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POTTYMINTS: 3 Summer Trade Show Stories!

Hi POTTY People!

We hope you all had another great Summer Weekend!

Remember when people used to talk about the “Summer of ‘69”?

Well… this may not be the summer Bryan Adams was talking about… it will most certainly be one that we will tell our kids and grandkids about!

As a family business, we have tried to use this Summer to keep perspective on what really matters to us – spending time with our family and with those you love!  

This time is typically spent traveling around the country going from trade show to trade show, letting people know about how incredible their bathrooms can smell thanks to the power of POTTYMINTS!

It sounds crazy… but Myself, my sister Suzanna and our Mom (Michelle) travel spend 4/5 Weeks traveling to: Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Florida and then back to New York for Summer Trade shows!

As you may have guessed… due to the COVID-19 Pandemic many of the Trade Shows we typically attend will not be happening… and seeing that Traveling these days is risky, we wont be attending any trade shows this summer! 

That being said, we have many stories from our travels and we figured we would give you three quick stories to give you some quick insight on working with your family, having a small business, and the interesting traveling stories that happen that happen along the way!

We hope you enjoy!


Story #1:
Viva Las Vegas!


We LOVE Las Vegas!

The lights, the shows, the gambling… we love it all!

On our first ever business trip to Las Vegas for a Trade Show, Suzanna and I checked into our hotel.

When we got there, we were greeted by the front desk clerk who is aggressively nice to every guest checking in.

He greeted us saying “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Grobman! We have already upgraded you to the Honeymoon Suite for your stay!”

Suzanna and I looked at each other slightly confused, and then explained to the front desk clerk that while we appreciated the sentiment… Suzanna and I are not newlyweds… we are brother and sister.

We asked if we could instead get the two bed room we had booked online.

The Desk Clerk, realizing the mistake he made… began typing frantically like a college student who waited until the last moment to start working on their Final Paper.  

He then stopped, looked at us and let us know that unfortunately, there were no other rooms available.

So… there we were… Brother and Sister… standing in the doorway of the Honeymoon Suite in Las Vegas… yuck!

Suzanna refused to let me lift her through the doorway, as I have seen in every honeymoon movie… and we entered the “love den”

The room was spacious… fully equipped with a VERY “broken in” King Sized bed, a congratulatory hotel cake… and beside the bed… a Jacuzzi

Not only that… but on the side of the the Jacuzzi was a motionless dead cockroach who was missing a leg.

Ahhh… that quintessential Las Vegas Luxury!

Needless to say… it was one of the most uncomfortable nights of our lives … we slept in full length clothing… and we purelled our entire bodies the morning after.


Story #2:


One of the biggest Trade Shows of the year is in Atlanta, Georgia!

If you have ever met us at a Trade Show, Holiday Market or in general … you will know that we are very comfortable getting your attention!

We recognize that there is a lot to see at these shows, and will go out of our way to get a moment of your time! We are VERY passionate about what we do!

My Mom is perhaps the best example of this… she has been known to literally chase potential customers down the hall

She doesn’t take “No” for an answer… and many times… she may not even take “Yes” for an answer

She is so aggressive in her selling tactics, that I joke that she is one step short of “Stop and Frisk”… (Just a joke!)

Anyway… back to the story!

After a LONG day in the showroom selling to everyone with a pulse…

I let my Mom and sister know that I needed to use the restroom before heading out for the day

I walk to the busy Men’s Room and begin doing what you do in a bathroom…

Suddenly… the door creeks open and I hear my Mom say:

“Matty! I’m right outside, okay?!”


Yes… that did happen… let that sink in

At the tender age of 28… I have used the bathroom many times in my life 

… I have voted in two Presidential elections

… I pay taxes

… and I own and operate a business about what people do in the bathroom

And yet… my Mom decided it would be best to enter a busy trade show bathroom… the MENS ROOM… and let everyone know that she was right outside waiting for me…

I decided to play it off as though there was another “Matty” in the bathroom… thanks Mom!  

Story #3:
“Lick It” Story


Let me begin this final story by saying that we truly LOVE meeting our customers and potential customers at Trade Shows!

We genuinely love hearing what you thought of your experience with POTTYMINTS, as we have found that listening to what you have to say is the best way for us to improve as a company and as a product!

That being said… there are some difficult customers that we have met in the past at Trade Shows.

One of the things that we love seeing in real time, is customers reactions to smelling POTTYMINTS for the first time! 

While they are expecting an artificial masking spray smell… they are genuinely shocked to smell POTTYMINTS and experience our Beautiful Fine Fragrances for themselves!

As we do with all of our retailers, we let our customers smell POTTYMINTS either from the Individually Wrapped POTTYMINTS package themselves, or on a Test Smelling Coaster (with fragrance notes). 

One customer decided to lift the Smell Tester Shot Glass… lift the POTTYMINT off the coaster, lick the POTTYMINT tablet and then place it back down on the coaster for other people to try.

As we have discussed on the POTTYMINTS Blog before… POTTYMINTS are completely Non-Toxic… but let’s also be honest…


POTTYMINTS are not intended to be ingested… but even if they were a Breath Mint… WHAT CANDY STORE IN HISTORY OFFERS FREE SAMPLE LICKS OF A PEPPERMINT?!?!?!

We let the customer take the licked sample home with them… on the house! Haha!


We have many more Trade Show Stories we are excited to share with you!

BUT, they will have to wait for the next POTTYMINTS Blog Post!

For those new to the POTTYMINTS blog, every Monday there will be a new Blog Post discussing something Bathroom Related, or giving you some insight into the world of POTTYMINTS!

Until then, we hope you are all staying safe, washing your hands and making the most of the summer!