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POTTYMINTS: 3 Internal Thoughts We're All Having

Well, this Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon… Looks like we are in this for the long-haul… 

While some of you were initially extremely happy to have a full house…
After 7 days of living together… you genuinely wish they were never born.
With yet another full week of quarantine day’s ahead of us…  
We figured we would give you our 3 internal thoughts that many of you are having during these challenging times, just to know you are not alone.


Internal Thought #1:

“How many Days in a row have you been wearing that?”
It seems as though COVID-19 has had the common side effect of making everyone dress like “that” person that goes to the airport in the outfit that they were wearing to bed the previous night.
You know the person….
The passenger that looks like they almost overslept their flight, ended up making it, and now looks like they are about to attend a children’s “Frozen” Themed sleepover.
You know the outfit:
Sweatpants, slippers and a free XXXL t-shirt you caught from a t-shirt cannon at a minor league sporting event… underwear (optional)… #fashion
Your husband still has a visible pasta sauce stain on his shirt… and you haven’t had pasta for dinner in over a week…
something needs to change…and it’s that f*&king shirt


Internal Thought #2:

“What is s/he doing in the bathroom for so long?”
While I can only speak for myself… the bathroom takes on a different role during times like these.
At the moment, there is no other room in your house where you can find that “moment of Zen” … a space of peace and quiet
And for those brief (quickly fleeting) moments… the world seems truly at one
… as though the Coronavirus can’t get to you while seated on your throne
Bathroom time has officially become the “Spring Break Vacation” you and your family were planning on taking in April…
No beach, no sand… but somehow, amidst this chaos - complete serenity
So my advice…Take your time… God knows we now have plenty of it…


Internal Thought #3:
“Make or Break: Quarantining with my Partner”


My Mom always tells me: 

“Going on a Road Trip is the best way to test a new relationship – because you are stuck in the car with them for hours…with nowhere to go”

Unfortunately for my Mom’s sage advice – these happen to be new circumstances, and a new way of life we find ourselves in.

That being said, perhaps a better analogy for the given circumstance would be: 

You are on a Road Trip with your partner… 

She wanted to fly, but you said it would be much more “fun” if we drove 

Moments into your first hour driving… your car begins to break down 

You pull over to assess the damage… its bad 

You call AAA or a towing company… 

They pick up and put you on their generic call holding recording… 

…The recoding then informs you that you are on hold for 14 days 

But at least you are together….

 To all the young couples… good luck  

Once again, while we try and have some fun making the most of these difficult times we find ourselves in – we want to remind everyone to please stay safe, and the best way to do that is to stay inside (and wash your hands).
We are all in this together – everyone in the entire world – it may be the one thing that connects us all! If you are having a tough time dealing with the isolation, you should know that everyone is having the same internal thoughts- and you are not alone.