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POTTYMINTS: 5 Tips to Pass Time in Line!

Hey POTTY People!

Happy Monday! What an incredibly calm time in America right now?

If you are anything like us, we have noticed our heart rate pick up these past couple days with the impending Presidential election!

(We promise, this will not be a Political Blog post… we will stick to our job handling bathroom odors)

One thing that we as Americans can all agree on… we don’t like waiting in line to do pretty much anything.

Whether you’re in line for your favorite ride at Disney World, in line to check out of your local grocery market, or waiting to be screened for TSA… we honestly dread standing in line.

These days, standing 6 feet apart and abiding by Socially Distant Regulations… the waiting lines for pretty much everything has made the wait a little longer. 

As born and raised New Yorkers… lines are nothing new for us.

In fact, in most cases, a line outside of a store is a good indication that it must be worth the wait… why else would there be a line?

The only exception… a line for the bathroom. 

Nothing good can come out of a LONG line for a bathroom… nothing good at all… trust us. 

That being said, no matter what line you are in, or what you are waiting for… here are our 5 Tips to Pass Time in Line!


Listen to some Music or your Favorite Podcast


We are pretty sure you don’t need us to tell you about this one… as Danny Tenaglia once said, “Music is the Answer”!

Not only does music help make the experience of standing in line a little more bearable, but it has also been proven to also help reduce Anxiety, Stress and improve your overall mood! 

Or remember that Podcast that your friend Janet told you that “YOU MUST LISTEN TO…”

Well… seeing as you have some time to kill, you may as well give it a shot! 

Or for those of you that don’t want to listen to music or a podcast, but would rather just spend some time alone with your thoughts in your head… here is a pro tip we have picked up!

Grab a pair of headphones, put them on, but don’t play anything – if someone tries to engage you in an unwanted conversation… simply tell them you are “On the Phone” by gesturing to your headphones!


Speak to your fellow Line Members!


You know what you and the other strangers in line have in common… you all are in line together!

If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s that we all crave communal experiences!

Remember waiting in line at Whole Foods Checkout like a Horse about to run the Kentucky Derby… incredibly eager for the gates to open and check out! 

While there will inevitably be many people in line that are FAR too eager to tell you about their newfound Sour Dough Bread fascination they picked up during Quarantine…

There will also be those people that much like you reading this blog, are simply looking for a way to make the experience of waiting in line go a bit faster.

As you finally take a single step after an hour of waiting… feel free to sarcastically say to the person in front of you or behind you that you are worried that you may not be able to keep up with the quick pace of this line… 

Or if you are a bit creative and want to switch it up… create a fake name and backstory and see if the person you are speaking to catches on…

For those of your Musical Theater Majors… feel free to throw in a fake accent! Why not?!

Who knows… you may strike up a friendly conversation… and worst-case scenario… you get some good Sour Dough Starter!  


Clear Some Space on your Phone


We have all been there… in line at a place that has less than desirable or in some cases, no internet whatsoever … as though you live in a mostly Amish community

Well, in case there is no more butter to be churned… feel free to go through your phone and clear out some old stuff! 

Open up your Camera Roll to discover that you may need to do some Spring Cleaning…

Maybe you don’t need 39 Photos of the entrée from your cousins wedding…

… Maybe it’s time to get rid of your college email account… seeing that you graduated over a decade ago and have no interest in giving a donation to your alma matter…

…Or maybe it’s time to delete those pictures of you and your ex-boyfriend… now that you have been married for 5 years and are expecting your second child.

Feel free to play Billy Joel’s song “This is the Time”, as this would be a time to remember… but move forward knowing that you can now download the new series of Schitt’s Creek without having to worry about competing for space on your phone. 


Start Holiday Shopping!


Depending how long the line is, use this opportunity to start looking for Holiday gifts for your Family! 

No one wants to be the family member that through the gift you give, makes it abundantly clear that they have no idea what you like or what you wanted.

Instead, start the search for the perfect Holiday Gift while waiting in line!

This year especially, while it may be easiest for you to go through your Amazon Wishlist, and purchase as you might have done in years past…

This year, think of Local Stores in your community and see if they offer the same item or similar items. 

This year, supporting your local businesses means more than ever, and while they may not have a Prime Shipping Feature… know that by planning ahead you can both get your loved one the gift they want, while also helping a local business stay afloat during trying times! 

Small Businesses are the lifeblood of this country, and supporting them with your business is the best way to support.



Clean Out your Purse/Bag


You know how you have always prided yourself on being prepared for anything and everything in any given situation…

Well… it turns out you may not need 90% of the things you currently have in your purse or go to bag 

Sift through to find your seemingly endless CVS Receipts from 5 months ago…

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of your 50 states Nickel coin collection you started… 

Or maybe (just maybe) it’s time to get rid of your Blockbuster membership card…

Whatever unnecessary treasures you may find, this is a great time to begin to throw stuff away.

Think of Netflix’s Mary Kondo and ask yourself if these things “Spark Joy” in your life! And if not, feel free to throw them away!

When you are finished, pick up your bag or Purse to find that it is now 6 pounds lighter…

Think of it this way… more room for POTTYMINTS!


No Matter what line you are in… know this: “This too Shall Pass…”

In time, you will get on that Roller Coaster you are in line for…

In time, you will be able to renew your license from the DMV… 

In time, you will be able to get your COVID Test…

Or whatever it maybe! In time, and with a little patience, you will be able to get what you need. 

For the time being, remember that whatever line you are on, the people in line with you are ultimately there for the same thing… and if they are willing to wait on a long line for it… it must be pretty good.

Whatever line you are on these days, remember to stay 6 Feet apart, wear a mask and be safe! 

Let’s not make the line experience any worse than it needs to be!