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POTTYMINTS: A Message to my Daughter on her 2nd Birthday!

Hey POTTY People!

So today happens to be a particularly special one for me… it happens to be my daughter Rafaela’s 2nd birthday!

As I am sure many of you reading this blog know, but being a Mom and watching my daughter get older has already been the most rewarding experience I have ever had. 

While I have often said that POTTYMINTS is my first baby… trust me when I say, Rafa is equally if not more work!

If you thought I was in the sh*t business before… I have now changed enough diapers to realize that as a Mom… I am now officially in the sh*t business! (haha!)

I remember traveling for trade show season while I was 6 months pregnant, speaking with customers giving me tips about how to best handle becoming a first time Mom…

While it was comforting to know I was not alone their advice did not really help… 

“At some point, just know… you are going to hate your kid”

“Get your kid their own cell phone, so they don’t break yours…”

“All babies can naturally swim… just toss them in and watch them go” 

(Clearly, some of the advice made me question if I should contact child services…) 

While this pandemic has taught us all a lot about who we are, and the way we had been living life before this new normal… but now it seems as though I have learned to value time a lot more than I had.

Perhaps the best example of that is… Sleep.

Ahhhhh, Sleep…. How I miss you, old friend!

Remember sleeping late… waking up and gradually settling into the rhythm of the day…


Much like the Energizer Bunny, my daughter Rafa just keeps on going and going and going ….

Thank God to the cashiers and staff at my local Dunkin Donuts who serve me regardless of how sleepless and unkept I may be when ordering…

With all of that being said, I have to admit that this strange time we find ourselves in has also given my family the ability to spend most weekends this past summer with my daughter, and seeing her grow with each week that passes. 

Seeing the joy that my daughter gives my family is what it’s all about

Not only that, but I am truly blessed that my daughter has the ability to spend time with her Great Grandparents as well – who love her unconditionally, and have even figured out how to use FaceTime just to spend a couple moments with her.

As I sit here typing this up, I think back to telling my family that I was pregnant, and seeing their reactions first hand… it made me finally come to terms that it was time for me to take the next step in my adult life.

Two years later… I could not be prouder of my daughter and the little lady she is becoming.

I cherish every single moment that I spend with her, and I will continue to do everything I can as her Mom to make sure I make her as happy as possible. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Rafa… Everything I do, I do for you! 

I love you and Happy Birthday!