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POTTYMINTS: Our 3 Thoughts on Outdoor Dining (Safely)

Hey POTTY People! Happy Monday!

As Marvin Gaye once said “What’s Going On?” or as Wendy Williams always says… “How you doin’?”

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We are back for another POTTYMINTS Blog Post!

This week, us here on the East Coast have been dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isias in addition to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic … yay 2020!

As we write this blog, our Warehouse in West Orange, New Jersey is completely without power… and has been for a couple of days now

Never before have we admired the lifestyle of the Amish… and yet now… days into having no power… we have to admit, we are beginning to contemplate churning our own butter.

With little refrigeration to be had, and our ice cooler melting faster than an Ice Cream Cake at a Campfire… we decided to grab our masks and eat out!

So for this week’s Blog, we wanted to give you our 3 Thoughts on Outdoor Dining or Dining out in General these days!

(Let us also say now, before we begin the blog that we are not Doctors, nor do we claim to be… we are simply a Bathroom Air Freshener Company looking to provide a couple laughs and perhaps a great smelling bathroom during this strange time!)



Outdoor Dining Thought #1:

You’re Not as Great a Chef as you thought…


Many of us at Home these past couple of months have been doing their best Gordon Ramsey impression, spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food for our families or newfound roommates.

You have baked your own Sour Dough…

You have sprinkled Salt over your dishes like “Salt Bae”…

And in the process, you may have even gotten the compliment that your food is “Restaurant Quality”

Returning to your favorite restaurant and eating their food is perhaps the fastest way to realize… you have a LONG way to go before opening up your own Michelin star restaurant.

As much as we love your Apple Pie… we will be honest, the Breyers Ice Cream scoop accompanying it is doing the “heavy lifting”

Never before has there been so much anticipation looking at a Restaurants menu…

We never used to understand why certain people would Photograph their food for their Instagram pages… and now we completely get it.

In fact, these days… we find ourselves salivating over the mere ideas of Meals we had in the past.

That’s why they laminate Menu’s these days… so that the spit dripping out of your mouth when perusing the menu can easily be cleaned.

These days, even the idea of listening to the Waiter or Waitress tell you about the “Special” is truly an exciting experience!

These days… any meal not had at home is truly a “Special” experience!


Outdoor Dining Thought #2:
Nachos, Mozzarella Sticks and Fries… Oh My!


There are few things more American than Appetizers…

Eating a smaller meal before indulging in a larger meal is truly the American Dream.

Even before the pandemic, one of my favorite dining experiences is suggesting to the table that maybe we should get something for the “table to share” 

We all know what this “sharing” means… sharpen your forks and knives…  things are about to get interesting.

There seems to be an agreed upon allocation of a shared plate… everybody gets some…

Until there is only one remaining Mozzarella Stick or a select few Nacho Chips with melted cheese still on them…

This is truly the moment you see who your friends really are…

There are some initial discussions, and even sometimes trades that will be made during this time… 

Perhaps a couple of bites of their Main Course in exchange for 50% of the remaining Onion ring…

Or maybe they generously offer it to anyone that wants it… truly the Make a Wish of appetizer dining.

Either way, there will always be at least two people still interested in the remaining app.

These days with COVID… Sharing is most certainly not caring

We think that the best way to handle these types of contentious situations it to treat it much like the card game “Spit" 

Whichever person’s hand is on the remaining appetizer first wins the last appetizer.

Or if you are a cruel person… forgo the use of your hand and as the title suggests… simply Spit on the last appetizer… and its yours.

You’re welcome…


Outdoor Dining Thought #3:
When Paying the Bill: Tip… and Tip Nicely

When explaining to those people at the table how nice it is that you are finally going out to eat after months of staying in… keep in mind that the staff of the Restaurant is potentially putting themselves in harm’s way by serving you.

Keep in mind, that they too are eventually going home to their families or friends who they too want to keep safe. 

Unlike in the days Pre-Covid, the staff of the restaurant doesn’t care for your pre order conversation 

The waiter does not care that over these past couple of months you have been gardening a lot of tomatoes...

The Bartender does not care that you have been making Moscow Mules in your bedroom every night before you go to bed… 

The entire staff is interested in being friendly… all while keeping a good safe distance from you or your pointless conversations with them.

When it's time to finally pay the bill… keep in mind, that in this rare instance… you don’t have to do the dishes or clean the pots and pans in the sink… A vacation of sorts for anyone who has been cooking at home.

Tip… and if you are in the financial situation where you can tip more… tip more.

If there has ever been a time to thank someone for their service… its right now.

The best way to do that is with your wallet. 

Please tip generously, and help keep your favorite place from closing… they could really use the help!


We know this wasn’t our best blog post, but we think the message is more important than most of our bathroom related blogs.

In these very trying times, it's very important to support Small Businesses and Restaurants are the largest Small Business employer in the United States. 

As a Small Business ourselves, we understand the hardship that comes from times like these and we want to do everything in our power to help those businesses in need.

The easiest way to put this into perspective is by putting it like this: 

If you want your favorite Small Business Store, Restaurant or Bar to be open a year from now… support them now 

America is a worse place without Food, and while Outdoor dining these days is perhaps not the same experience as it used to be…

In order for things to go back to normal, we have to support the places that served us both when things were good and when things were bad.

Now is the time to support, and if you don’t feel comfortable eating out… order in and make your kids do the dishes.

We hope you have a great week and we hope you enjoy your meals (safely) wherever you decide to eat them!