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POTTYMINTS: Our Favorite Columbus Circle Holiday Market Stories!

Goooooood Monday Morning POTTY People!

Well… it may look a little different than usual, but this year’s Holiday Season is upon us! 

This is typically the time of the year when we set up our booth and begin selling POTTYMINTS at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market in New York City! 

The now infamous Christmas Markets of New York City have become a holiday staple for many visitors and locals a like!   

For one month, rain/snow or shine… the Holiday Market is open to Tourists and Locals alike all looking to find the perfect Holiday Gift for their friends and family!

From delicious Belgian Waffles, to Christmas Ornaments to… POTTYMINTS! This Holiday Market is truly a magical experience!

That being said, much like any open to the public event in New York City, there are bound to be some interesting stories and experiences within them…

Seeing as we are missing our Holiday Market booth, and seeing you – our lovely customers in person at the Holiday Market this Season – We figured we would recount some of our favorite funny stories from the Holiday Market from years past! 

“Who Let the Dog In… the Bathroom?”

Much like a State Fair or Music Festival or Football Tailgate… The Holiday Market is temporary 

Unlike a State Fair or Music Festival or Football Tailgate… the Columbus Circle Holiday Market is located right outside the entrance for Central Park. 

The Holiday Market Vendor booths are made of plywood and metal polls, metal roofing but very rudimentary structures… Needless to say, outdoor plumbing – or plumbing in general is not included. 

That being said, there would inevitably come points where the person working the booth would need to use the restroom.

In order to do so, as a Holiday Market Vendor you have two options:  

1) The Outdoor, Frigid, Grotesque and borderline crime scene that is the Central Park Public Restroom

2) Use the Public Restrooms of the Time Warner Center (located two blocks away).

Pick your bathroom poison… and our choice was the Time Warner Center Bathrooms.

Once, while in there, I exited the bathroom and began to wash my hands…

Only to notice that… sitting on the Baby Changing Table… watching me wash my hands… was a Dog… sitting “court-side” … watching me lather.

Keep in mind, that while I run a business about making the Bathroom experience more comfortable, and claim to have seen and heard it all as it relates to the Bathroom… this was a first.

No Lights, No Power… No Heat!

Much like working for a Beach Umbrella Company… the Holiday Market was open Rain or Shine… or Snow!

Ahhh “the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” … 

It certainly doesn’t feel like it, when you are working an Outdoor Holiday Market and the power generator for the entire Holiday Market stops working.

Yes… you read that correctly… the entire power and heat for an Outdoor Holiday Market was off… for hours, and hours.

Oh yeah… I almost forgot… that day happened to be the day it was 12 degrees outside… Yay!

Rather than get upset or frustrated by the situation, my brother decided to bundle up and make a short video about the less than ideal experience! 

The power did eventually come back on, and like a Christmas Miracle… I regained feeling in both my toes and my fingers once again!  


Free Sample?

As you all know, the true experience of POTTYMINTS comes from the Incredible Fragrance from our Tablets!

Much like Jimmy Johns we offer “Free Smells” to anyone and everyone that wants to give POTTYMINTS a chance, and learn more about what it is and how it works!

We love seeing customers reactions to our fragrances – they are truly blown away by how good they smell!

That being said, we also offer Smell Testers to those customers that want to smell for themselves.

We take an unwrapped tablet, place it on a coaster with the fragrance notes on it, and place a shot glass over the tablet. This allows guests to smell the fragrance on the inside of the Shot Glass as you would other luxury fragrances.

That is, until… one customer came up to our booth 

I began to tell him what POTTYMINTS was, and how it works… When all of the sudden… 

He picked up the shot glass… picked up the unwrapped POTTYMINT tablet… and licked it with his tongue.

As a quick point of clarification, while POTTYMINTS are completely Non-Toxic… they are not intended to be eaten… or licked.

The customer proceeded to take the licked tablet, place it back on the coaster, and put the shot glass back on top of it…

You know… so other customers can have a lick too! Its only fair…

We let this customer know that he could take that particular tablet home for a midnight snack…our treat!



While we do like to joke about some of our less than ideal experiences working the Holiday Market… we genuinely look forward to it year-round!

When you start your own company, especially these days, you become so addicted to the hustle aspect of the business, and don’t typically stop to realize the effect your product or service may have on someone else

The Holiday Market allows us to meet and introduce POTTYMINTS to the general public, and for the general public to meet myself, my brother and all of us at POTTYMINTS!

One particular day, a woman came up to our POTTYMINTS booth and while we assume that most people have not heard about our product, she happened to be a regular customer of ours for years… but we had never met!

She came to our booth, introduced herself to me and as we began to talk, she introduced me to her dog and her brand-new puppy! Both her and her dogs were absolutely lovely! 

So much so, that the weather was too cold and gross for her puppy, that she let me keep her newest pup in the booth with me by the heater while she perused the other Holiday Market booths!

It was easily one of the highlights of the Market for me! And something I will never forget!


While we may not be in our typical Columbus Circle Holiday Market Booth, we will truly miss seeing all of you in person this Holiday Season! 

We are always blown away by the support that you have given us, year after year during the Holiday Season!

To all of you that have come to our Holiday Market booth to restock on Holiday Gifts, to say hello to us, to check in on how the business is doing, or just to hear about our toilet mint business… we are so beyond appreciative!

We know this Holiday Season will be different from years past, but we hope to be back in a Holiday Market Booth in future years, and are looking forward to the experiences that await!

Happy Holidays,