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POTTYMINTS: Top 10 Comedies to Watch This Weekend!

Hey POTTY People! 

Remember when we used to look forward to weekends!

Now we don’t even realize when we are in the middle of one!

Ahhh 2020, you are the worst! Hahaha!

We figured that we would help you make the most of your weekend plans by giving you some comedy movie recommendations from us here at POTTYMINTS!

We asked around the virtual office, and came up with these:

Grab some Popcorn, a candy… and be thankful that it didn’t cost you $47, like most theaters (B.C… “Before Covid”)

Without further ado…dim the lights, and find a comfy spot on your couch… here is our Top 10 Comedies to Watch This Weekend! 


Monty Python and the Holy Grail


We apologize for the subsequent weeks of hearing the words “Shrubbery” and “Nee” that will come after seeing this Comedy Classic.

It’s absurd, it’s silly, and its exactly what the whole family needs during these loony times.


Napoleon Dynamite

When this movie first premiered in theaters, I remember vividly seeing people leave the theater not sure what they had just witnessed – either one of the stranger films ever created, or perhaps one of the funniest shot for shot films they have ever seen.

We will let you decide for yourselves…  but we personally couldn’t recommend it enough


Kicking and Screaming

Perhaps one of the most underrated Will Ferrell films, Kicking and Screaming is absolutely hilarious and a great movie to watch with the whole family! 

Your kids will love the story, and the adults will love how relatable it is… not to mention, if your husband loves Mike Ditka…#dabears


Moonrise Kingdom

If you have never seen a Wes Anderson film, you are in for an absolute treat! His whimsical film writing and film style has become iconic, and this story is just that!

Visually, its stunning! The Story is fantastic! And it has quickly become a modern classic.


The Wiloughbys


Based on the Lois Lowry book of the same title, this film is definitely one for the kids!

This animated film is delightful, and has hints of a “Marry Poppins” feel to it! Plus, its on Netflix… so it’s very accessible! (You can borrow a friend’s Netflix login information if need be…)



All of us here at POTTYMINTS are BIG fans of Leslie Nielson, and he is perhaps best known for his role in this film!

Regarded as one of the best comedies of all time… trust us on this one… get ready to howl in laughter! 


Annie Hall


Perhaps we are biased as born and raised New Yorkers… but Annie Hall is a masterpiece of comedy!

We often think to ourselves that Woody Allen would be a habitual user of POTTYMINTS given his intense neuroses… but nonetheless, this film stands the test of time and is still as funny today as it was when it was made in the 70’s.

This film is truly a stroke of comedic genius.


When Harry Met Sally

While most people remember this film for its iconic scene in Katz’s Deli… many people overlook how great this film is. 

Billy Crystal was not always known for being Mike Wyzowski in Pixar's Monsters Inc… there was a point where he too was one of the funniest comedians on the planet… (some of us still think he is). 

Either way, this movie is timeless and for those couples stuck at home having Date Night… this is the movie to watch. You’re welcome. 


Best in Show


There is always a night at each household where the parents get to choose the movie, and in that moment, we urge you to choose this movie.

Before there was Schitts Creek, there was Best in Show.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are incredible, but Fred Willard (RIP) steals the show! Truly one of the funniest movies ever made!



Groundhog Day 

We think this goes without saying, but this film has never been more relatable…

Especially in a time when it seems we are all stuck in the same routine, this movie reminds us how to add meaning to our lives, as repetitive as it may seem.

Bill Murray is a comedy god, and this movie remind us of exactly that – we couldn’t recommend this movie enough.  


No matter what movie you decide to watch this weekend, we hope that this list of comedies helps you and your family laugh a little.

It’s very important these days to laugh at the ridiculousness of life right now, and if these movies provide even a moment of escape for any of you, then all of us here at POTTYMINTS have done our jobs!

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend, be safe and we will see you Monday for our next Blog Post!