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POTTYMINTS: Top 10 Dance Songs for September!


Hey POTTY People!

We want to begin this week’s blog by asking you a simple question…Do you remember? The 21st night of September?

For those of you that haven’t already figured it out… Yes, we are referring to the Earth Wind & Fire Song “September”! 

These days, in the fun times of 2020… The words “Earth Wind & Fire” can describe the weather in some parts of the country right now.

This past weekend, we all began to officially settle into the idea that it is the end of Summer.  

Although you tried your best to get your home garden to grow Avocados this summer, it appears you will be paying extra for Guacamole for the foreseeable future.

While the seasons may be changing, here at POTTYMINTS we agree with Earth Wind & Fire that “love is here to stay”

That being said, we figure we would give your ears some loving, and give you our Top 10 Songs for September!



"September" – Earth Wind & Fire

We figured we had to give this one to Earth Wind and Fire, simply because of the date… and let’s be honest – this song is fantastic!

Fun fact: this is always the song that Dj’s play at Weddings (Remember those?) to get the “adults” on the dance floor.


Give It to Me Baby - Rick James  

This song is just straight funky…

Like an aged cheese, it’s got that funk, that stank…

Rick James is exactly what the doctor ordered this week


 "Get Up Offa That Thing" – James Brown

Speaking of Funky…

You know when you leave leftovers in the fridge too long, but you don’t remember to take it out, so it begins to make the entire kitchen smell like Athletes Foot? 

Yes, that is the level of Funk we are talking about for this song. 

James Brown was a God among men, this song proves that.


"Happy" – Pharrell Williams  

This song is a modern-day classic – Want me to prove it?

Play this song for a Grandparent, then play the same song again for a young child… it appears that this song is infectious (too soon?)

No Tik Tok dance required, this one just feels good! 

Pharrell Williams has many credits to his name, but this may be the song he is most remembered by. 


"The Walker" – Fitz and the Tantrums

We here at POTTYMINTS like Fitz and the Tantrums so much… our tech guy named his cat after them – “Fitz” 

His cat weighs 21 pounds… yes, you read that right… 21 Pounds!



"One Step Beyond" – Madness

Prepare to “start to move your feet” and bop uncontrollably as you listen to this song. 

As the Brits would say… go mental


"Heavy, California" – Jungle

We figured we would round out this list with a couple newer, lesser known groups to try and expand your musical pallet

 This song “Heavy, California” by the band Jungle sounds like a disco classic, but it was made in 2018.

We were debating adding this to our Morning Music Playlist, but it just missed the cut… needless to say, it belongs on any list… because its just a great track! 



This one is a personal favorite, not only is it Co-Produced by Daft Punk… but it is perhaps one of the funkiest songs I have ever heard.

We mentioned them in the last blog post, but the band Parcels is a band to look out for.

If the Bee Gees and The Beatles had a baby… Parcels would be their son. 



"We Found Love" – Calvin Harris  

What’s not to like about Rihanna and Calvin Harris?

The answer… nothing!

For some of you, especially those single people… the pandemic at times may seem like a “Hopeless Place”

… but we are believers that if Rihanna can “find love in a hopeless place” with her busy touring and work schedule… you can too! 


"One More Time" – Daft Punk

This song is a masterpiece. 

It feels almost otherworldly – as though it was engineered in a lab to make people dance to it. Perhaps it takes two French robots from the future to do just that.

Not only was/is this song popular in the US, but it remains a worldwide smash no matter where or when it is played.


We hope that this list of songs gets you through the week, and helps make even the low points of the week a little better!

Is this your first time reading the POTTYMINTS Blog? Thanks for giving us a read!

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Let us know and we will try and incorporate it into future Blog Posts!

See you next Monday for the next post!