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POTTYMINTS: Top 10 Songs for Monday Mornings!

Happy Monday Morning POTTY People!

Do you feel that in the air? September is here!

Never before have we looked forward to colder weather… or the beginning of normal working hours… 

Mondays B.C. (Before COVID) were always a tough one to wake up to, it seems you move lethargically to get ready… 

…and even the most potent batch of coffee doesn’t seem to give you that jolt you need.

Well, we here at POTTYMINTS have a solution! Some good old… Morning Music!

What most of you don’t know, is that within our small POTTYMINTS office, we have two DJ’s with impeccable musical taste! 

So this morning, or any morning you need it, add these tunes to your morning commute, listen to them as you do your makeup, or give them a spin whenever you are in the mood!

Here are our recommendations for our Top 10 Songs for Monday Mornings!



Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Let us begin this list with the most quintessential Morning song that ever was… Bill Withers (RIP) not only has one of the most powerful voices, but his songs are just funky!

This song is perhaps the only way to start your week off on the right note!

We hope you too have a Lovely Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!



Back Pocket – Vulfpeck

If you have never heard of the group Vulfpeck… you are beyond welcome!

Easily one of the most talented bands of the past 10 years, their song “Back Pocket” is groovy enough that you will dance your way into work in the morning! Guaranteed! 

WARNING: This song will get stuck in your head…


“Lighten Up” – Parcels

Trust us when we say, Parcels may be one of the most underrated bands of 2019-2020.

Literally, any of their songs could be on this list – they are incredible… no matter what age, what gender, what ethnicity… their music has a timeless feel that will get you going!

“Lighten Up” is just what the doctor ordered for Monday mornings!


“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk

This song sounds like it was recorded in 1975, or like it could have been in the movie Saturday Night Fever – but that is the magical timelessness of Daft Punk.

The greatest electronic duo of all time – (yes, I stand by that statement) delivers another incredible song with this funky groove!

Daft Punk + Nile Rogers + Pharell Williams – Yes, please! 


“Crazy” – Gnarles Barkley

This song is a modern-day classic. 

Remember when you used to turn on the radio in the car and enjoy listening to music… this is the song that will give you that feeling!


“Aura” – SG Lewis

As we said, some of these you are going to have to trust us on – and this is one.

SG Lewis is someone you may not know, and your kids may not know, but prepare yourself to start dancing in the grocery store aisle… 

“Juice” – Young Franco

For this pick, we travel all the way to Australia… introducing Young Franco, an up and coming producer whose name makes a lot more sense when you look at a picture of him… 

(he looks like a young James Franco)

For any of you mothers out there, carrying around Juice Boxes in your bag, this song is for you!

You have the, you have the… JUICE! 


“Am I Wrong” – Anderson .Paak

Once again, if you have made it to this point on the blog… you will be rewarded by hearing about the majesty that is Anderson .Paak!

You know how you and your husband can’t stand rap music… this may change that. 

Not only can he Rap… He sings… He plays drums… He Dances… HE DOES IT ALL!!!!

This song makes you want to get up and groove!


“I Can’t go For That” (POMO Remix) – Hall and Oates

This is a remix of the classic Hall & Oates song, “I Can’t Go For that” that is guaranteed to make you tap your feet, and shake your Booty!

There are remixes… and then there are POMO remixes… the guy doesn’t miss.


“Wanna Be Startin’ Something”– Michael Jackson

If this song doesn’t get your week off on the right foot… you should go see your doctor

This song is intoxicating, it’s a masterpiece courtesy of Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.  

There is a reason people call him the King… its because of songs like these.


There is a reason that we call you guys the POTTY People!

We hope these songs make your week a little more enjoyable, or at least make you get up and dance in a room by yourself… trust us, its healthy!

We hope you guys have a fantastic week, and we will see you next week for another blog!