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POTTYMINTS: 2020 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hey POTTY People!

For those of you that have ventured off outside of your house or apartment, you may have begun to notice that your neighbors have decorated their lawns with creepy decorations…

And no… we are not referring to your neighbors SkyMall Big Foot that they have decided to keep on their lawn year-round… 

Remember past Halloweens how, without regard for Human Life, would recklessly throw Toilet Paper and “TP” someone’s tree…

In 2020… wasting that much (precious) toilet paper is a 2nd degree felony.

This year, Halloween will be a bit different, but then again, what isn’t this year! We say, let's make the most of it!

This week, we figure we would give you our Top 5 2020 DIY Halloween Costumes you can make at home!

Costume Idea #5:

Joe Exotic or Carrol Baskins from Tiger King

While it now feels like it was YEARS ago… the National Craze for Tiger King continues this Halloween Season.

Only in the year 2020, would a borderline abusive Tiger Handler have the meteoric rise of The Beatles… and yet, this is the reality we find ourselves in.

This costume is sure to get you some brownie points amongst friends, and if your husband is feeling up to it, he can always be the tiger…

For all you Cats and Kittens out there… this costume is sure to be a “purr-fect” DIY costume that you can put together pretty easily!

If you are thinking of dressing up as Joe Exotic… you’ll need:

  • Handlebar Mustache
  • A Stuffed Animal Tiger
  • The most over the top Sequence Shirt in have your closet
  • Optional: Use your pet Cat as the Tiger

If you are thinking of dressing up as Carrol Baskins… you’ll need:

  • Floral Headband
  • Colorful Blouse
  • Anything Tiger or Leopard print

For extra brownie points… if you are Trick or Treating with the kids without your husband… feel free to say that he has “Disappeared” and don’t forget to Wink… if they watch the show… they’ll get it! 

Costume Idea #4:

Ruth Bader Ginsberg 

This one is a bit more serious… Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a living enigma… she will be remembered throughout history for her incredible achievements for both Women, and for the United States Supreme Court.

For any young boys or girls out there interested in honoring her by dressing up in her memory, take a short moment to explain who she was and what she accomplished to your kids. 

They will appreciate knowing how incredible she was, and they will learn about the way in which she singlehandedly changed the world as we know it for the better. 

To Dress Up as RBG for Halloween you will need:

  • Black Robe or a Black Dress
  • A Doily, or paper serving Doily- Or feel free to make your own by cutting a piece of printer paper
  • BIG Reading Glasses… the bigger the Glass frames… the better!


Costume Idea #3:

Zoom Job Interview Candidate

This one is perhaps the easiest one to pull off…

Let’s be honest, we have all been there… 

2020 is the year where the hardest questions we have had to ask ourselves throughout the day is whether it’s a “Pants Day” or not… 

For those of you reading this that are continuing to apply for jobs during a pandemic… we truly feel for you. It’s genuinely gotta be tough…

But… use Halloween to laugh at this precarious situation with a little levity… 

For this costume, you will need:

  • Dress up your upper half of your body as professional as possible
  • Feel free to put on makeup, or whatever makes you feel confident
  • On your lower half of your body, however, simply wear underwear or an old pair of sweatpants
  • For shoes… should you choose to wear them… feel free to grab your go-to pair of Uggs or slippers
  • For those of you interested in taking the costume a bit more over the top… feel free to print out a resume too!

Costume Idea #2:

Trader Joes Cashier

If there is one thing we can all be thankful for this time of year… its Trader Joes

From the quirkiness of the store, to the incredible selection of items they offer… to the over-enthusiastic cashiers… we LOVE Trader Joes!

The only thing we would change… the line for checkout 

A Trader Joes checkout line looks as though someone is offering free tickets to Hamilton the musical at the end of it… people are willing to wait it out! 

Why you might ask? We think its because of the Cashiers that work there! They make the whole experience so unique! 

This costume is easy if you’re a regular customer… simply take a Trader Joes bag that is jammed underneath your sink for later use… grab it and the rest of the costume is easy!

You Will Need:

  • A Hawaiian Shirt
  • Cool, or Trendy Reading Glasses
  • A paper sign with your Cashier Number on it
  • And of course… a name tag to let people know your name!

While not everyone shops at Trader Joes… trust us when we say… if there is a Trader Joes regular shopper that sees you… they will make it known how much they LOVE Trader Joes!

Feel free to swap suggestions on what to pick up next time you are in the que to checkout! 

Costume Idea #1:

Doctors, Nurses, Front Line Workers, or Essential Workers

We figured we would end this list on a more serious note.

While many children (and adults, frankly) spend a lot of money dressing up as their favorite Super Hero from the Marvel World, or DC…

…this year, we realized that it doesn’t take the ability to fly or super strength to be a Super Hero.

This year, we learned that everyday many of the people in our neighborhoods and in our community are the true hero’s off the movie screens… but more importantly in real life.

If you are still unsure as to what costume you would like to purchase, or make for yourself, this may be the perfect year to dress up as someone you truly to admire.

The Frontline Workers and Essential Workers are more than deserving of this honor, and frankly, they deserve to be recognized for the true Super Hero’s that they are.

To Dress up as a Front Line Worker, you will need:

  • Doctor: A White Coat, A Thermometer, and of course… a Mask!
  • Nurse: Blue long sleeve shirt, Blue Pants, Scrubs if you are able to get them… and once again, a mask!

Feel free to get creative with it! And honor that Essential Worker that has put themselves in harms way… to make your life a little easier or more normal!

We think this is the most fun way to honor these people, and let them know that their work is being recognized! 


No matter how you decide to dress up this Halloween, remember to wear a mask… there has never been a more fun time to do so!

The Chewbacca Mask you have from that costume you wore 3 years ago may count…

For the safety of everyone celebrating and Trick or Treating this year, in whatever form that may or may not be… let's all make sure to do it safely! 

Happy Halloween to you and your families and we will see you next week on the POTTYMINTS Blog!