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POTTYMINTS: We Sh*t You Not - Thanksgiving Edition!

Hey POTTY People!

We hope you had a great weekend! We most certainly did…

Not sure if you already heard our exciting POTTYMINTS news… but we just introduced our New and Improved POTTYMINTS!

Even more exciting is that the response to them from our customers has already been overwhelmingly positive! We truly are so beyond appreciative of your support, and these days more so than ever genuinely appreciate your business!

Speaking of Thanks… Thanksgiving is this Thursday!

While this Thanksgiving will be a bit different from years past, we wanted to give you something to talk about at the Thanksgiving table that isn’t Political or Pandemic related!

You know what that means… it’s time for another Crowd Favorite segment on the POTTYMINTS Blog… We Sh*t You Not – the segment where we tell you 5 absolutely true facts about a subject, and give you our thoughts on the fact itself!

Think of it as a Snapple Fact with commentary… this week we discuss 5 Fun and absolutely true Facts about Thanksgiving!



Black Friday, aka the day after Thanksgiving, is the busiest day for plumbers.

As per usual, we have to begin our blog with a Bathroom related Thanksgiving fact!

The day following Thanksgiving is referred to by some plumbers as “Brown Friday”… yes, you read that correctly.

While we will absolutely spare you the details, as our goal here at POTTYMINTS is to keep what happens in the bathroom… in the bathroom.

While you peruse the best deals on the InstaPot… these brave souls are digging even deeper in their own InstaPOTTYS…

We will say, to all of our plumbers out there… Thank you for your service!

And for all of you that hosting dinner… feel free to drop a POTTYMINT before the guests arrive for a Fresh smelling bathroom… and an even better Thanksgiving!


Historians have no record of turkey being eaten at the first Thanksgiving.

Vegetarians everywhere can celebrate… there was No Turkey at the first Thanksgiving Celebration! 

Unfortunately, there was no Tofu or Impossible Meat as of the first thanksgiving in 1621

However… the first Thanksgiving Celebration was three whole days… featuring main courses of Ducks, Geese and Swans. 

Yes, Swans… most known for their ballet performances were the main course for one of the days.

For any of you reading this blog already getting the Sweet potatoes in order for Thursdays meal… imagine now having to prepare for 3 WHOLE DAYS of Festivities!

Imagine for a minute all the feathers from the Swans, Geese and Ducks… yikes!

So just another reason to be thankful… Turkeys come de-feathered

… and you don’t have to kidnap and murder the local swan at your local park… just saying.


The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade had Central Park Zoo animals.

As a Born and Raised New Yorker… I had always asked why they call it the “Concrete Jungle” 

After reading that the Macy’s Day Parade first featured animals from the Central Park Zoo in the parade… including Monkeys, Bears, Camels and Elephants… I am starting to see why

Yes… Bears parading down 5th Avenue to celebrate a day where we obliterate their fellow Turkey’s population…. USA! USA! USA!

The sheer thought of dangerous animals in New York City is concerning… and no we are not referring to Pizza Rat or those pesky Pigeons.

While there are many fanciful thoughts about New York City, the idea that there are a lot of crazy people living in the city with strange or exotic animals is actually not too far-fetched.

There are literally stories of Monkeys living with families in a two-bedroom apartment, and just the other day, I saw a man walking through Union Square with a Parrot balanced on his head.

We personally think letting Mountain Lions loose for a parade in New York City would be an interesting concept…

Imagine watching NBC’s coverage of the parade and hearing that One Direction will be performing on a wild Camel… I’d watch that.


Thanksgiving leftovers led to the first ever TV dinner.

Some of you reading this blog may remember the Swanson TV Dinner…

For you younger folks… imagine high-end “Lunchables”… but in front of a TV for Dinner.

Well, in 1953 gearing up for a BIG Thanksgiving push, they ordered too much Turkey…

260 tons of Leftover Turkey to be precise… (and you thought you had a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers…)

The people at Swanson were forced to get creative with the leftovers and decided to package them together on 5,000 Aluminum trays…

Featuring crowd favorites like Turkey, Gravy, Peas and Sweet Potatoes…

This leftover thanksgiving feast… for $0.98

In the first year of selling them, they sold Ten million of them… starting the pre-packaged frozen meal industry.


President George H. W. Bush was the first to pardon a turkey.

Growing up, I always thought it was a nice gesture for the President of the United States to pardon a Turkey… regardless of who was in office at the time.

Something about it seemed sweet…Like the opposite of a Lobster Tank…

While the gesture itself is nice in theory… we have never bothered to follow up on the condition of the Turkey after the day it is pardoned.

It’s not like the Turkey is being sent on an all-expense paid vacation to Turks and Cacaos (Turkey Pun intended) …

We can only assume moments after the press conference that the chef is sharpening his knives… but as I said, the gesture itself was a nice idea in theory.


No matter how you celebrate this year… whether with family or with loved ones, we hope that you use this time to remember the purpose of the Holiday… to give thanks.

Especially this year, we all learned a great deal about what we are truly Thankful for – we all gained the gift of perspective.

We were gifted the time to realize how truly lucky we are, for our health, for our family, and for all that gives us joy through these difficult times.

We here at POTTYMINTS are incredibly grateful for your continued support for us and our business, and wish you and your families safety, health, happiness and most of all a Happy Thanksgiving!