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Sorry, Demi Moore! 3 Bathroom Design Choices to Avoid!

Hello POTTY People!

Welcome back to the POTTYMINTS Blog!

This week, we discuss some questionable Bathroom design choices

You know the types of choices we are talking about…

Say for example… putting a lounging chair in the bathroom

Or perhaps… putting a translucent door wasn’t the best idea

This weekend, in bathroom news… yes, you read that correctly… bathroom news

The actress Demi Moore’s bathroom was the talk of the town, when her Instagram page revealed that she had a Brown, Carpeted bathroom.

While we here at POTTYMINTS are big fans of "Ghost", "GI Jane" and of course… her brief work with Ashton Kutcher

We figured we would use this blog post to over 3 Bathroom Design Choices we would avoid…

Where to begin?


Design Choice #1:

Don’t Put a Carpet in Your Bathroom


Sorry to do this to you Demi… but this is a no brainer

Please do not put a carpet in your bathroom… especially a brown carpet… (or at least we hope it was always brown)

Bathroom carpets are just bathroom towels that were never picked up from the floor

No one has ever complained that their feet hurt from all the walking from the bathroom door to the toilet itself

And while we understand that bathroom carpets were HUGE in the 70’s… Much like most of  Demi Moore’s relationships… some things do not last.

We understand the idea of using a small carpet when you step out of the shower to prevent slipping… but carpeting by your toilet… yuck!

Any pet owner will let you know immediately that they have used every cleaning product imaginable to remove a pet related stain or odor from their carpet…

Nothing. And I repeat. Nothing! Is more demeaning that removing your own self-inflicted stains from the carpet surrounding your bathroom toilet.

No amount of POTTYMINTS will be able to help you out of this particular predicament.

Mr. Clean may have to uncross his arms to help you out of this one… and he may want to bring a spare white shirt while we are at it.


Design Choice #2:

Please Don’t Use a Cushioned Toilet Seat


There are few things that feel worse than putting your bare bottom down on a cushioned toilet seat.

While… we will agree… the intention was in good faith…

Sinking into a cushioned toilet seat is like putting on a just used Life Jacket

It’s a bit warm, it’s almost too soft and it appears to have been worked in for years before you began using it.

In some rare instances, you can even hear the toilet seat cushion deflating as you sit on it

Much Like the Tempur Pedic Mattress…

(the mattress that lets you set down your wine as you jump up and down on your mattress… you know… like all adults do.)

The cushioned toilet seat molds to the shape of your bottom, and while that sounds nice in theory… the actual experience of using it is unlike anything else.

Certain things were never meant to be cushioned… Light bulbs, Bird Houses and of course…McDonald’s chairs

Toilet Seat cushions are like the movie “Now You See Me 2”…  Nobody asked for it

The toilet seat is not meant for leisure… that’s why they never put a pull-out foot-rest attachment feature on it.   

Design Choice #3:

Please Don’t put a Mirror opposite the toilet  


The words “Bathroom Selfie” officially takes on a new meaning when you are forced to look at yourself in the mirror using the toilet.

Bathroom mirrors are meant for fixing yourself up to rejoin regular life outside of the bathroom…

Making it seem like nothing had actually happened in the bathroom to begin with…

(Quick Self-Promotion plug…We here at POTTYMINTS aim to “Keep what happens in the bathroom… in the bathroom)

Putting a mirror facing the toilet is like a window at the Gynecologist…No one needs to see this.

As we have said before on the blog… The Bathroom is meant to be a private experience

We can assure you…

Michael Jackson was not looking at the “Man in the Mirror” in the bathroom…

Justin Timberlake was not referring to his bathroom reflection in his hit song “Mirror” …

And the “Magic Mirror on the Wall” in Snow White was not displayed by the toilet…

Bathroom Mirrors are like POTTYMINTS in that respect… they are meant for the Post-Flush


These days, weekday plans are almost non-existent… we all have the time.

So what do you say – same place, same time next week for another POTTYMINTS Blog Post?

Sounds good to us!

See you all then, and share this with anyone who is about to redecorate their bathroom and could use a heads up!