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Toni's Kitchen: POTTYMINTS Gives Back!

While we typically like to keep this blog a bit silly…
Talking about everything Bathroom related… yes, everything!
During these crazy times…
We wanted to take a moment to highlight a local Montclair, NJ food ministry

Toni’s Kitchen

Let’s all be honest; these times are truly humbling. Coronavirus seems to be inescapable…
As born and raised New Yorkers, we experienced 9/11 first hand. We internalized the collective sadness Grieved for those directly impacted And waited patiently to see how the world and our city would respond. And in the days following that tragic day Something incredible happened… Communities began to rally together People began to lead with compassion and love And people began to treat all their neighbors with dignity and respect
…knowing that we are all in this “new normal” together.
A lot has changed since 2001… I got married I moved to New Jersey I had a baby girl And I started a company - POTTYMINTS And yet… It seems that we find ourselves at a similar juncture – another “new normal” However, I happen to remain optimistic Because we have seen that in the most difficult of times… Everyday people rise to the occasion
Toni’s Kitchen is perhaps the perfect example.
Toni’s Kitchen is a food ministry of St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Montclair, New Jersey which provides food to their neighbors in ways that respect their dignity, improve health and foster independence.They understand that their work is much more than a meal… it’s the opportunity for the receiver to exhale… Knowing that food is not something they have to worry about, because their community loves and respects them.
As a newfound New Jersey-an… a new Mom, and a proud resident of Montclair I felt compelled to get involved, and see how I can help. As you may or may not know, We have been donating the proceeds of our sales from our Evergreen & Currant 40 ct. Box to Toni’s Kitchen We are proud to say that, thanks to your help and support, we have helped Toni’s Kitchen in their mission to provide meals to Families, Students and whoever is in need.
We know this “new normal” is a marathon, not a sprint And every donation, every dollar, every penny… Especially in trying times like these, really means a lot
As a small business owner myself, I know how much even an ember of hope can mean in difficult times We will continue to do what we can to help our local community here in New Jersey And big or small, we urge you to do the same in yours We are going to continue to do what we can to support Toni’s Kitchen… And if you have the financial means to donate, please consider helping an unbelievably deserving cause.

You can Donate to Toni’s Kitchen directly here:

And if you would like to support us, make your bathroom smell incredible… and give to an incredible cause…

You can purchase our Evergreen & Currant 40 ct. Box (proceeds of each sale goes to Toni’s Kitchen)… with this link here:

Thank you and please stay safe!

Suzanna Grobman