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Married In a Bathroom?!? | Potty Time with POTTYMINTS (Ep. 37)

Happy Valentine’s Day POTTY People!

If no one has told you already today… We LOVE You!

That’s why we decided to make this week’s blog, dedicated to Valentine’s Day and all things LOVE!

We at POTTYMINTS have always believed that “true love” is that person you call… when the toilet paper ran out… 

That outreached hand, peaking through the bathroom door… holding out a new, pristine, roll of toilet paper… 

That’s true love…or so we thought

For this week’s Main Story, we go to the Monmouth County Courthouse in New Jersey - where we meet a Brian and Maria Schulz…who exchanged their vows… the courthouse bathroom. 

You see… it was set to be a typical courthouse wedding…

When all of the sudden, the groom, Brian gets a call from his Mom – who says she is having trouble breathing

“She really couldn’t talk at all. I could just tell something was wrong, so I just got up and I ran and started looking for her.” 

Brian, leaving behind his fiancé, Maria, and his soon to be Mother-In law wondering where he went… 

“They started to get a little worried that maybe I got cold feet and ran away!” Brian said. 

Brian found his mother in the bathroom of the courthouse

While Monmouth County Sheriff’s officers tended to Brian’s mom and gave her oxygen, one of the cops, Leonard Maxfield, reminded Brian what he was in the courthouse to do.

“Did you tell the judge what was going on?” Maxfield asked, according to Brian. 

Maxfield proposed the bathroom nuptials to the judge. 

“The couple was clearly upset about the mom and having to postpone their wedding in which they would have to wait another 45 days for a new marriage license to be processed,” Cynthia Scott, the public-information officer for the county sheriff’s office, wrote on Facebook.

“Since the sheriff’s officers were concerned about the mom and did not want her moving from the ladies’ room, S/O [Sheriff’s Officer] Leonard Maxfield kicked his thinking into high gear, why not get married in the ladies’ room?” 

Judge Katie Gummer agreed to the venue change and presided over the unusual ceremony.

With a tampon dispenser and a trash can beside them, Maria and Brian Schulz sealed their marriage with a passionate kiss. 

Now that… is TRUE LOVE!

Let’s keep this love fest going… with this week’s POTTY PICKS!

(Credit to for this story)


If you thought that wedding story was bad… you are going to want to sit down for this one

There are wedding disaster stories… and there there is this one

Not only is the story great on its own… but the recreation video makes it that much better!

This is a clip from the TLC show, “Brides, Grooms & Emergency Rooms” … please enjoy



This week we wanted to feature some of our favorite Love songs of all time

To be honest, it was tough to narrow it to just 5, but we think we chose some great ones!

Music is truly the language of love

Here are our Potty Picks for our favorite Love songs of all time!

  1. “My Girl” – The Temptations
  2. “The Way You Look Tonight” – Frank Sinatra
  3. “Lets Stay Together” – Al Green
  4. “Stand By Me” – Ben E King
  5. “God Only Knows”- The Beach Boys

This week’s Bathroom Moment of the Week comes to us courtesy of the Netflix show, “Jailbirds”

The Netflix show is based out of the Sacramento County Jail, where they try and show a glimpse into living behind Jail Cell bars.

While we have seen some incredible ingenuity and creativity from prison inmates before, this example is pretty incredible!

As we all know, life in prison can be difficult, and very isolating, so inmates use “the bowl”… as the unofficial communications network. 

You have to see this… 

And you thought “Sexting” was filthy…


Thank you all for joining us for this week’s Valentines Edition of Potty Time with POTTYMINTS!

We honestly had a lot of fun writing this blog, and as always we love sharing these unique stories with you! 

As you know, we like to end our blogs with a quote for the week ahead!

This February, in honor of Black History Month – we want to feature quotes from inspirational Black Woman

This week, we feature a quote from Grammy award winning musician and actress, Janelle Monae

"Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am.”

 Janelle Monae


We wish you all love for the week ahead, whether that’s love with someone else, self-love or reflecting on past loves… we hope that you all know you are deserving of love, and are loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!