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“We Got Your Back…Side”: 5 AMAZING Small Businesses, Now Selling Masks


…Much like famed Tiger Trainer, Joe Exotic, at a PETA Meeting… 

… We too are waiting patiently for this whole thing to be over


Week 4… or 5 Of Covid Life?… 

We can’t keep track anymore… 

For this Blog post, we wanted to step out of the Bathroom for the moment, and instead focus this blog post on the Small Businesses and seeing how we can best give back. 

These Small Businesses have taken it upon themselves to step up, and pivot their businesses to now making Masks for those in need. 

As a Small Business ourselves, we truly commend these companies for their determination to fight back in anyway they can, even amidst the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

They are truly deserving of your business, and we wanted to showcase 10 of our Favorite Companies that are now making Masks.

If you have the financial means at the moment, please consider purchasing your Masks from these incredible companies:


Hard Edge Design


 Hard Edge Design, a Family Owned Business based in Norman, Oklahoma has taken it upon themselves to begin making masks for their community. Not only are they selling Masks, but they are also donating a Mask for Every one purchased!


 Lauren Gabrielson


Lauren Gabrielson started her brand in order to provide an alternative to fast fashion and a brand that resonates with women in all phases of their life. Additionally, Lauren believes in harnessing local resources and building businesses locally.

Based in Brooklyn, New York – the company decided to help out the incredible Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare workers that so badly needed Masks to properly atten to their patients. In just over a week, they have already donated over 500 handmade masks!



 Martin Greenfield Clothiers


Martin Greenfield Clotheirs hand craft the finest made-to-order as well as made-to-measure suits, tuxedoes, sport jackets, slacks, and overcoats 100% built by hand in our Brooklyn Factory.

Martin feels a deep gratitude to our country which liberated him from slavery and welcomed him to establish a new life here. That’s why we’re still here and able to help provide needed protective gear now.


 Geraldina’s Couture


While Geraldina’s Couture, located in Hartsdale, New York – typically offers its customers one-of-a-kind Bridal & Event gowns, to Alterations & Tailoring – they quickly pivoted the business to make masks for those in need.

 Get these Masks while you can, as they are selling out fast!


 Audino Masks 


Brooke Audino’s mom had run a business, Grand Champ Bows, out of their Cranberry home for more than a decade making bows for various cheerleading teams. The two women quickly turned the bow and scrunchie fabric into mask material — opening AudinoMasks for online business Saturday morning at $10 per mask. 

Not only do we love their Masks – but any Family Business that includes working with their Mom gets Additional “Brownie Points” from us here at POTTYMINTS!


We love supporting Family Businesses like ours!




We will continue to post more ways to best support Small Businesses – but rather than buying a disposable Mask from your local CVS or Walgreens store…


Please consider that Small Businesses are the lifeblood of this country, and while we all typically worry about shipping lead times, and cost – These businesses need your business now more than ever.


We understand that these are strenuous times, both Mentally Physically and Financially – but if you have the means to support any of these businesses, please do so.


You are doing them, and the world a great favor!


Have a great weekend and be safe!