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We Sh*t You Not: 3 Surprising Facts about Sharing a Bathroom with your Partner

Mondays can only mean one thing… another POTTYMINTS Blogpost!

This week, we wanted to introduce a new segment we like to called: “We Sh*t You Not” …

A new section of the blog where we will discuss ABSOLUTELY True Facts about all things Bathroom related!

This week we wanted to begin with some incredible facts about sharing a bathroom with your partner… roommate… or like many of you currently dealing with the Covid Pandemic (including myself) … your family.

Sharing a bathroom is like a completely silent Uber Pool ride… its uncomfortable

If you are a regular to the POTTYMINTS Blog… you know by this point, we truly think we are saving relationships, one flush at a time.

Our goal here at POTTYMINTS is to keep what happens in the bathroom… in the bathroom.

Without further ado… we present to you our first We Sh*t You Not findings…


Fact #1:

1 in 5 relationships end because of their partners Bathroom habits

 According to a recent study of 2,000 British couples, 20% of all relationships end because of their partner’s bathroom habits…


Our thoughts:

This is not a complete shock to us here at POTTYMINTS… trust us, we have heard it ALL...

 We will say, 1 in 5 relationships is pretty impressive – especially for the Brits

We, like most Americans, have always been under the assumption that all British women carried themselves like Mary Poppins… graceful, eloquent and proper

I mean, let’s be honest… the lady kept a large house plant, a full-size mirror, and a coat rack in her purse at all times …lucky for her TSA wasn’t as thorough as they are now.

We understand that the Bathroom serves many purposes:  

To some, it serves as an escape from the regular routine… and to others, a sanctuary.

However, when sharing a bathroom with someone… not even God can save you.

To married couples, sharing a bathroom with your partner is a daily reminder of your wedding vows…  

Our advice… use a POTTYMINT and God Bless!


Fact #2:

Men spend more time in the bathroom than Women

According to the same British study, Men average about 13 minutes in the bathroom, while Women average only 11 minutes. 


Our thoughts:

After reading this, we would like to throw our imaginary “Bathroom Challenge Flag” on this one…

For those of you reading this in the bathroom… feel free to throw a piece of toilet paper in the air if you too would like to “Challenge” this fact.

Having grown up with two sisters, and one of whom started a Bathroom business… I am well versed on all things Bathroom related.

I have experienced first-hand the patience of Men, waiting for their partners to finish getting ready in the bathroom.

However, after re-reading the prompt… let’s assume the study was strictly about USING the restroom… in which case, let’s be honest fellas… this makes a lot of sense.

Men treat using the bathroom like they are lounging on the beach…

Some men will even bring in reading material and a beverage… Really guys? Now may not be the best time to begin the Harry Potter series

Women on the other hand, treat the bathroom much like Jury Duty… Get in, get the job done, and get out as fast as humanly possible

Fact #3:

63% of long-term couples leave the bathroom door open while using it.

23% of men say they will keep the Bathroom door open within the first month of being in a relationship, compared to 8% of women.


Our thoughts:

Let’s be honest with ourselves… using the bathroom with the door open is gross.

Have you ever used a Public Restroom with the door open? We hope the answer to this is no.

Public restrooms not only have a door where you enter the bathroom… but also an additional door when using the toilet

There is a reason for this… no one wants to see you with your pants or skirt around your ankles… not even your loved ones.

We understand that in the comfort of your own home, the circumstances may be a bit different.

That is why there is also an exception to this rule… which is when you are home alone.

BUT, before you take this brave leap of faith … you must gingerly check your surroundings… looking both ways, as though you about to cross a busy intersection… and sit down to do your “thing”

Using the bathroom with the door open is like eating funnel cake… it seems so wrong, but it feels so right.

It’s truly one of the few times we have thought to ourselves… this is what Freedom truly feels like.


Speaking of Bathroom Freedom… (Patriotic Segue)

This weekend is July 4th Weekend… you are welcome for the reminder

So… we here at POTTYMINTS are doing a Fourth of July Flash Sale!


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We hope you have a great week, and a Happy July 4th Weekend!