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We Sh*t You Not: 5 Fun Facts about the Fall!

Hey POTTY People!

Have you looked outside this morning?

Have you started to hear the sounds of the leaves crackle beneath your feet? 

Its official…Fall is now in full swing!

We have to admit… while we absolutely love Summer…There is something incredibly beautiful about Fall!

Perhaps it’s the colors, maybe it’s the cooler weather, or just maybe it’s the fact that amidst this craziness we find ourselves in, we have the time to appreciate the simple things that we often overlook. 

I mean, there is a reason they call it “The Great Outdoors” and not the “Underwhelming Outdoors”

We also recognize that this Fall will be different than most others, and while you may have run out of fun conversations to have with your family at the Dinner table, or your Zoom Happy Hours are getting old fast…

We figured we would help, with this week’s Blog Post!

This week, we bring back our Fan Favorite Blog… “We Sh*t You Not!”  where we show you some incredibly true facts about a topic... and give you our thoughts!

Grab your Flannel Shirt, a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, and enjoy our 5 Fun Facts about the Fall Season!



Children born between September and November are more likely to live to be 100 than those born at other times in the year. 


As an August baby… I found this upsetting

According to the study conducted by the University of Chicago, some scientists suggest that exposure to seasonal infections (especially in summer) early in life can have a long-lasting effect on health.

Everyone seems to have their own theories on longevity, and living a long, healthy life.

For some, that means a healthy active lifestyle, for others it means a healthy relationship with good communication.

For many of you reading this blog… a healthy relationship may mean dropping a couple POTTYMINTS in your bathroom every now and then… and for that, you’re welcome!  

We truly think we are saving relationships, one flush at a time!


Children born from September through December are more likely to excel in school than those born at other times of the year

As an August baby… I once again find myself hating these Fall babies even more and more with every “fun fact”

They’re Smarter, they live longer?!?! WHAT?!! 

While we know, it’s tough to hate a baby… these suckers are giving us “Non-Fall Babies” a strong case to potentially re-consider.

Speaking of babies… ( fact transition)


Testosterone levels in both Men and Women spike higher in Fall than at any other time of year.

Yes, you read that right…

Light some scented candles, grab a cozy blanket, and put some rose pedals on your bed!

As KE$HA once aptly said in her song Timber… “It’s. About. To. Go. Down!”

According to Facebook, more relationship statuses go from “single” to “in a relationship” during the Fall! 

Its only official, if its Facebook official.

Coincidentally, Fall is also the season where Romantic Comedies are streamed more than any other time!

According to the study, the physical coldness activates a need for psychological warmth… 

Nothing that “When Harry Met Sally” can’t fix!  

Put the kids to bed, and get that Netflix cue ready… it may be a long night!  


 Until about 1500, Fall was just called “Harvest.” 

The full moon closest to the autumn equinox is known as a harvest moon. The bright light of the harvest moon was essential for farmers harvesting their late-year crops.

Growing up, I had always heard the term “Harvest Moon” but never understood why people called it that…

Farming with no light is like bringing a sign to a Stevie Wonder concert…

If it happened to be cloudy on that particular night… the Farmers may have been out of luck.  


The pumpkin was first named by the Greeks. They called this edible orange item “pepon,” which means “large melon.”

My question is simple… what did the Greeks call a Large Melon?

Like what if you were interested in serving Melon for a lot of people at a party, and asked a local salesperson for a Large Melon? Would he or she hand you a Pumpkin?

Talk about a tough time to be in the Greek Melon industry…

Pumpkins are much more like Bell Peppers than Melons… you have to do some digging before you get to the good stuff.

The word traded hands from French (pompon) to British (pumpion) before colonial Americans eventually dubbed it “Pumpkin”.


Thank you all again for checking out the POTTYMINTS Blog, we genuinely appreciate you giving us a moment of your time! 

We hope that these facts give you something fun to talk about at the dinner table, or the couch… or the bed… or wherever you decide to eat these days!

Stay safe, go outside if you can and take advantage of the gorgeous changing of the seasons!