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Hey POTTY People!

Hope you all had another great summer weekend!

Welcome to our second edition of what we like to call “We SH*T You Not!”!

In this blog post we will tell you three absolutely true facts about the Bathroom, and give you our quick thoughts on the fact!

(Yes, our online search history is not one to be admired… but we do this for you!)



Bathroom Fact # 1:

 85% of bathroom related injuries occur when someone falls into the toilet after the seat has been left up!


Well… statistically speaking… most of us have experienced this first hand…

Sadly… myself included

This may have been what Tom Petty was talking about when he wrote “Free Fallin'”

We will say, that for those of you that happen to use the bathroom in the middle of the night… this is completely justified.

You don’t turn on the bathroom light, as you fear you and your retinas’ may not recover from the blinding light when it hits your eyes

Therefore, you trust that you, your children or your Husband will have the common decency to put the seat down.

We consider leaving the bathroom seat up at night to be the “Trust Fall” scenario of bathroom relationships.

But… for those of you that have experienced falling into the toilet during the day, when visibility is good... Our deepest condolences

There are few things less demeaning than “RUSHING” to the bathroom, removing your clothing and subsequently… exposing your bare bottom to the toilet water in the bowl.

Perhaps the only thing worse would be... (as per the Statistic) admitting that you are “injured” or even worse… going to the Hospital Emergency Room for a bathroom related injury.

The waiting room in the ER is much like a Jail Cell… asking your neighbors what they are in for…

You couldn’t possibly say with a straight face that you fell into your toilet without them laughing at the mere scenario…

Lastly, we can only imagine the silence of the Car ride to and from the Hospital after a Toilet Seat related incident… Yikes!

Bottom Line (pun intended…): Put the seat down, it’s the easiest way to prevent these situations and doesn’t take much to be a Bathroom Hero!


Bathroom Fact # 2: 

One in 10 People Have Pictures of Loved Ones in their Bathrooms


Bathroom art has always perplexed me…

There are times, where the bathroom itself is decorated like a fine art museum

… Some might call it the “Loo-vre” (…thank you)

After all… you have a captive audience, and depending on what you ate… you may have the time to peruse the gallery.

However, one thing no one wants to see is a picture of another human face staring right back at you.

As we have said in other posts on the blog… it is the exact reason we recommend not putting a bathroom opposite the toilet in the bathroom.

It’s like putting a Weight Scale inside of a Krispy Cream Donut shop… No one asked for this!

We are all for some art décor in a bathroom… Maybe even a house plant, a but a family portrait?

We understand that you and your Grandparents had an amazing Anniversary Vacation at Sandals Resort… but I don’t need to see Nana and Grandpa in matchings Hawaiian beach shirts staring at me wipe my bottom.

I wasn’t invited to their Anniversary Luau to begin with… or should we say “Loo-Au”  (last one… we promise)

Our Takeaway:

If you really think of them as a “Loved One”… you should have enough room outside of your bathroom to put a picture of them.


Bathroom Fact # 3: 

75% of people use their mobile phone on the toilet


Let us begin with this.. its 2020… most phones these days are now “Mobile”

We have yet to see a Payphone being used in the restroom… but then again… we didn’t expect that people would put a picture of their family in the bathroom.

As for the fact itself... we didn’t find this one too surprising.

We would love to know what the other 25% of people are doing in the bathroom… (or would we?)

But it seems that people are actually pretty productive while sitting on the toilet

While we are sure that Alexander Grand Bell and Steve Jobs are rolling in their graves at this fact, in some way – they should be profoundly honored.

The Bathroom has become a space of solitude, of introspection, and for some…  a cleanse.

We are only a few years away from an email signature on the bottom of an email that lets you know if the person was on the toilet while sending the email. 

We personally think that Twitter was originally designed to replace Bathroom Graffiti… after all, any thought that is revealed to you while on the toilet is probably not your best. 

Our Final thoughts:

Wash your phones… God only knows what that phone screen has been exposed to.


Thank you again for checking out our second edition of “We SH*T You Not”!

We really appreciate your time, and if you liked this post… share it with someone else that would really enjoy it!

Most of us are inside these days… and by the statistics… most of us are literally reading this from the toilet… so you may as well give people some reading material!

We hope you all have a great week, and we will be back with another POTTYMINTS Blog post next Monday!